Sustainable Brands Advisory Board

The Advisory Board exists to advance Sustainable Brands' mission of enabling more brands to prosper by leading the way to a better world and future, including ensuring successful delivery on its brand promise and voice. The Advisory Board’s objectives are to ensure the integrity of Sustainable Brands worldwide and its operations; to provide critical skills required to scale its impact on brands, its community and the world; and to catalyze constant innovation to maintain leadership in the field. You can read about the full role of the board and the rules governing the work in the SB Advisory Board Governance Guidelines.

Compiling our elite set of speakers, building an inspiring program and constructing the community that Sustainable Brands is year after year would not be possible without the guidance of our esteemed advisors. Allow us to show our deepest gratitude for their participation in our community and introduce you to our Sustainable Brands Advisory Board.

Chair of the Board: Annie Longsworth

Pamela Alabaster's picture
VP Global Corporate Responsibility
Estee Lauder Companies
Jonathan Atwood's picture
VP, Sustainability & Corporate Communications
Arnold Barlow's picture
Senior Manager, Sustainability Solutions
Raphael Bemporad's picture
Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer
Janine Benyus's picture
Owner & Co-Founder
Biomimicry 3.8
Coleman Bigelow's picture
Global Sustainability Marketing Director
Johnson & Johnson
Mary Jo Cook's picture
Chief Impact Officer
Fair Trade USA
Cindy Drucker's picture
Executive Vice President
Weber Shandwick
Gil Friend's picture
The City of Palo Alto, CA
John Gardner's picture
VP & Chief Sustainability Officer
Virginie Helias's picture
Global Sustainability Brand Director
Procter & Gamble
Josh Henretig's picture
Director, Environmental Sustainability
Ted Howes's picture
Chief Instigator
Susan Hunt Stevens's picture
Founder & CEO
Ramsay Huntley's picture
Senior Sustainability Manager
Tom LaForge's picture
Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights
The Coca-Cola Company
Mark Lee's picture
Executive Director
Annie Longsworth's picture
Founder & CEO
The Siren Agency
Simon Mainwaring's picture
We First Branding
Stephanie Martins's picture
VP Packaging & Development
L'Oreal Americas
Melissa McLean's picture
Manager Sustainability
Target Corporation
Etienne McManus-White's picture
Chief Marketing Officer
Forest Stewardship Council
Jeff Mendelsohn's picture
New Leaf Paper
Gwen Migita's picture
Vice President Sustainability & Community Affairs
Caesars Entertainment
Bonnie Nixon's picture
Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
JD Norton's picture
Global Manager, Social Innovation Employee Engagement
eBay Inc.
Thomas Odenwald's picture
Senior Vice President
Helen Sahi's picture
Director of Sustainability, Retail Branding & Information Solutions
Avery Dennison
Jason Saul's picture
Founder & CEO
Mission Measurement
Sandy Skees's picture
Managing Director, California
Heather Tansey's picture
Business Development Manager, Global Sustainability
Sally Uren's picture
Chief Executive
Forum for the Future
Pam Van Orden's picture
Enlightened Brand
Daniel Vennard's picture
Global Sustainability Director
Marci Verbrugge-Rhind's picture
Director, Corporate Responsibility Communications
KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz's picture
Sustainable Brands
Charlene Wall-Warren's picture
Director, Sustainability
Tensie Whelan's picture
Rainforest Alliance
Andrew Winston's picture
Author, Founder
The Big Pivot, Winston Eco-Strategies
Karen Yacos's picture
Director, Strategic Relationships & Communication
Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA)
Jonathan Yohannan's picture
Director of Public Relations
Panera Bread

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Advisory Board Sub Committees

Organization Design & Board Culture Council

Chair: Raphael Bemporad

In 2014 the Org Design Team established a strategic framework to inform board activities and priorities. In 2015 its primary responsibility is to establish board culture and engagement to create a rewarding and valuable board experience, and to capture the value of the group for the community and each other.

Community Engagement Design Council

Chairs: Karen Yacos & Valerie Miller

Works with SB’s Executive Producer of Events to help design & innovate engagement strategies to be used at the SB conferences & Activation Hubs globally.

Content Council

Chairs: Coleman Bigelow & Dimitar Vlahov

Works with SB’s content team to serve as ongoing sounding board; recommend and develop themes for future SB events, adjudicate potential conflicts of interest.

Impact Metrics Project

Chairs: Susan Hunt Stevens & Marie Perriard

Create a framework for measuring SB activities and impact against our ambition. CONT

Customer Segments / Needs Roadmap Project

Chair: Simon Mainwaring & Nikos Sarilakis

Working with Sustainable Brands Marketing team to create a roadmap for understanding/prioritizing customer needs by segment.

SB Innovation Open Project

Chairs: Mary Jo Cook & Ben Pawsey

Develop strategies and execution plan for expanding value, impact and sustainability of the SBIO with intention to support connection between global brands and social entrepreneurs.

Membership Council

Chairs: Helen Sahi & KoAnn Skrzyniarz

Provide ongoing direction to SB team on deepening value of corporate membership.