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The Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste by 20%

This 3-minute video provides an overview of the food waste problem in the United States, as well as several of the solutions proposed in ReFED's Roadmap to reduce food waste by 20 percent nationwide. The video notes actions that individuals, business leaders and policymakers can begin to take to do their parts to help, under the broad categories of prevention, recovery and recycling.

The multi-stakeholder non-profit suggests prevention actions such as buying only the food that is needed, storing food efficiently, and not throwing out food that is still good to eat, which it says could save homeowners and businesses up to $8 billion a year. Recovery through the redistribution of unsold food - particularly through donations to charities and food banks - could double the number of meal provided to families in need each year. Finally, ReFED recommends that unavoidable food waste is used for compost or anaerobic digestion energy.

Overall, the ReFED Roadmap promises to cut waste, boost the economy, reduce hunger, and help the environment.

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