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KnowTheChain Transparency Snapshot: A Pilot Benchmark Report

Human trafficking and forced labor are major global human rights issues that victimize an estimated 21 million people. As reports of human trafficking and forced labor abuses in corporate supply chains continue to increase, many companies are adopting policies and programs to mitigate these risks. At the same time, little is known about which companies are leading the way in human rights policy and practice, and where more efforts are needed.

This report, Transparency Snapshot: A Pilot Benchmark Report, highlights initial findings from a pilot benchmark conducted by KnowTheChain in 2015 that assessed company transparency and disclosure statements on forced labor in supply chains.

Twenty companies were selected across three sectors - apparel & footwear, food & beverage, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - for this initial evaluation based on their high risk of exposure to the issue and market capitalization.

The primary objectives of this pilot study can be summarized as:

  • Develop and test a pilot benchmarking methodology that can be scaled for future, expanded benchmarking studies;
  • Identify and highlight examples of strong corporate practices, especially as reporting requirements and national legislation expands and evolves; and
  • Provide a preliminary analysis on corporate forced labor transparency and disclosure patterns addressing forced labor in supply chains

Through upcoming sector-specific benchmarks, KnowTheChain hopes to create brand reward for leaders and brand risk for laggards, spurring a “race to the top.” The first benchmark will focus on 20 ICT companies and is expected to be released later in 2016.

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