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The Commodity Crunch: Value at Risk from Deforestation

CDP’s forests program's annual report highlights the fact that most companies must do more to engage. On behalf of 184 investors with US$13 trillion in assets, CDP’s forests program, formerly The Global Canopy Programme’s Forest Footprint Disclosure Project, asks companies to disclose their exposure to deforestation risks through their use of five agricultural commodities that are responsible for most deforestation: palm oil, soy, biofuels, timber and cattle products.

This year the number of investor signatories requesting corporate information through CDP’s forests program more than doubled. 139 listed companies with a market capitalization of more than US$3 trillion, including 52 new businesses, responded to the investor call for transparency and accountability on this issue. Companies use CDP’s forests program to understand and address their exposure to deforestation risks. 

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