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A Global Look Into the Future of Sustainability - Mark Lee

The history and future of future of sustainability is illustrated through waves, as Mark Lee explains in this presentation. He first looks at the last four decades highlighting the public's concerns, business community's reactions, and the role of governance and regulation. Then Mark addresses a few of the largest sustainability issues other than climate change, and gives us some models for systemic change. Review: Mark does a great job in describing how we got where we are today, and what social values and environmental concerns were the driving current in each series of waves. What I found particularly interesting was his mentioning that climate change as the dominating topic among many conferences he'd been to lately, was overshadowing other important concerns and divides (between rich and underdeveloped countries). By looking at the ten divides at the 11:50 marker in the video, you can quickly imagine all the different NGOs and individuals working across the sustainability spectrum.