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Meet the New Consumers: Five Marketplace Trends That Will Shape the Green Economy and Change the Future of Branding

The dawn of a more resourceful, creative and sustainable economy is beginning, with a growing number of New Consumers re-thinking what really matters and creating new ways to do more with less. BBMG's Raphael Bemporad and Mitch Baranowski introduce you to these values-aspirational, practical purchasers and share five emblematic trends that show how this group is taking sustainability from buzz to tipping point.


kk, I'm sold kinda. I like the tripple value proposition. This is a very compelling argument on how to shape a brand that will have high consumer afinity.

However, what are the levels of profitability of the brands that were referenced in the presentation?

Hi Unika, 

Thanks for watching! We at BBMG firmly believe that there's a strong connection between a company's values and its profitability. We know this is true anecdotally for mission-driven brands like Warby Parker and Seventh Generation; increasingly, we're seeing independent studies confirm this for large companies as well.

The top performers in Newsweek's Green Rankings, for example, outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 4.8 percent over the last two years ( 

The Stengel 50--a 10-year growth study of 50,000 brands--has found an even more compelling link: Businesses focused on improving people's lives have a growth rate triple that of their competitors ( 

Thanks again, 

The BBMG team

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