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In the Pipeline: Which Oil and Gas Companies Are Preparing for the Future?

This executive summary report introduces the CDP’s League Table that ranks 11 of the largest and highest-emitting global oil and gas companies. Statoil, Eni and Total received the highest rankings, while Suncor, ExxonMobil and Chevron received the lowest. The report highlights company performance across a range of portfolio, emissions and water-related metrics which indicate carbon risk preparedness and highlights earnings risks for oil and gas companies. Key findings include:

  • Emissions footprint of oil and gas industry and its products account for approximately 50 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions;
  • European majors outperform their U.S. peers in the shift to gas, investments in low-carbon technologies, and on wider climate governance and strategy;
  • Current business models continue to rely heavily on finding and proving reserves. Traditional industry performance metrics (and their interpretations) potentially outdated with peak oil demand on horizon; and
  • Investors may be at risk as companies are currently only obligated to report proved reserves, with limited insight into how sensitive estimates are to oil price volatility;

Read Sustainable Brands' full article on this report.

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