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ING: Circular Solutions to Water Stress Could Save 11% of Global Water Demand

Global fresh water demand is expected to grow by 2% yearly in the next decades. Based on the assumption that water supply will remain relatively stable, demand growth is expected to lead to serious water stress. This is largely due to stress coming from a linear model of water use in which it gets more polluted and wasted as it travels through the system, shortening the water cycle.

A new report by ING and independent knowledge institute for water and subsoil Deltares, ‘Less is More: Circular Economy Solutions to Water Shortages’, in partnership with Deltares institute, lays out a circular model for water usage.

Less is More explores the circular potential in six regions: Northern India, California, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. It finds that, while the circular economy is not able to fully eliminate water shortages, it has the potential to save 400 billion m3 of water yearly, which is equivalent to 11% of global water demand and almost the entire water consumption in the US.

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