July 2015 Corporate Member Collaboration Workshop


Accelerating Leaders for Collaborative Social Transformation

Hosted by HP

Sustainable Brands Corporate Members are industry leaders who are united in search of the answer to one key question: How can their brand(s) prosper while leading the way to a better future. In addition to gathering in person at annual SB Conferences and private Member Meetings, Workshops provide an opportunity for Members to develop key skills to lead their brands towards sustainability.

This is a private event for SB Corporate Members. To learn more about becoming a member or to attend this meeting, please contact Patrick McCartan, Director of Member Development.



WHAT IT IS: Your on-ramp to kick-starting a social innovation. Interactive proving ground to quickly learn, test, and develop concrete skills and plans for tackling society’s tough challenges. Led by public-private partnership industry veteran Richard Crespin. Engage with industry leaders active in social enterprise, corporate responsibility, and other areas.

WHAT IT ISN’T: Yet another “talking shop” to sit around and admire our problems.

WHO’S ATTENDING: Action-oriented leaders & intrapreneurs from SB Corporate Member companies.

WHO’S NOT ATTENDING: People satisfied with the status quo.

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Eligibility for Master Collaborator certificate practicum.


  • Direct experience developing Lean StartUp partnerships for social innovations
  • Experience leading colleagues through the CollaborateUp Formula for social innovation
  • Live-fire skills for convening and facilitating large groups of people from multiple organizations and sectors
  • Understanding how to create one-page business plans that capture everything you need to get out in the world and start collaborating to tackle our toughest challenges
  • Ability to design experiments that prove the business case for your social innovation



Thursday, July 30, 2015

8:30am - 9:00am | Registration and Breakfast

Opportunity to meet and get to know fellow members before the program and discussions kick off for the day.

Randi Braunwalder 9:00am - 9:15am | Welcome and Setting the Stage

Randi Braunwalder Environmental Programs Manager, HP Americas
HP welcomes participants. Introduction to the session, setting objectives and ground rules.

Richard Crespin 9:15am - 9:45am | CollaborateUp Formula

Richard Crespin Founder/CEO, CollaborateUp

Familiarize participants with CollaborateUp Tools and methodology.

9:45am - 10:15am | Invitation, DataLab & Institutional Commitment

How to invite participants strategically and achieve a common understanding of the problem.

10:15am - 10:30am | Break

10:30am - 10:45am | Case Study

Achieve common understanding of the case study.

10:45am – 11:30am | Case Study

Teams work together through case study with Partner Model Canvas.

11:30am - 11:45am | Report Out

Participants reflect on case, share group decisions.

11:45am - 12:00pm | Interactive Exercises in Groups

Problem solving exercise.

Judy Glazer 12:00pm - 1:15pm | Keynote Address & Lunch

Judy Glazer VP, Social and Environmental Responsibility, HP Printing and Personal Systems

HP to showcase recent innovations in collaborative problem solving.

1:15pm - 1:45pm | Deep Dive: PartnerLab, Experiments, Storytelling

How to reconvene stakeholders, drive them to action, and share results.

1:45pm - 2:45pm | Case Study

Teams work through case study with Partner Model Canvas.

2:45pm - 3:00pm | Value Proposition

Homing in on what unique value the group brings to the platform.

3:00pm - 3:45pm | Pitch Round #1

Each working group "pitches" the whole group on their Canvas.

3:45pm - 4:15pm | Refining

Incorporate group feedback.

4:15pm - 4:45pm | Pitch Round #2

Revised pitches.

4:45pm - 5:00pm | Report Out

Reflect and debrief.

5:00pm - 6:30pm | Cocktail Reception

All SB Corporate Member Meetings operate under the Chatham House Rule.


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