Speakers | New Metrics '14


Our Content Development team is currently hard at work bringing together another impressive list of thought-leaders for this year's metrics focused conference. While we are still working to add more speakers, you can view this year's confirmed speakers below. And be sure to check back often for those most recently confirmed to speak at New Metrics '14!

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Daniel Aronson's picture
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Susan Hunt Stevens's picture
Founder & CEO
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Mark Robertson's picture
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Tom LaForge's picture
Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights
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Susan Murphy's picture
Service Delivery Director
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Pam Wilhelms's picture
Wilhelms Consulting
Dirk Voeste's picture
Vice President Sustainability
João Fontes's picture
Social Footprinting Expert
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Eric Whan's picture
Director, Sustainability Practice
Charles Duclaux's picture
Head of Corporate Responsibility Reporting and Environmental Innovation
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Linda Qian's picture
CSR Communications Manager
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Svetlana Zenkin's picture
Sustainability Manager
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Steph Sharma's picture
Managing Director
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Garvin Jabusch's picture
Chief Investment Officer
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Jason Jay's picture
Director of Sustainability Initiative
Catherine Benoît Norris's picture
VP Social Sustainability
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Aaron Smith's picture
Director of Sustainable Building Solutions
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Bahar Gidwani's picture
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Elsa Olivetti's picture
Assistant Professor
Sebastien Zinck's picture
Manager, Eco-design and Life-Cycle Assessment
Robert Eccles's picture
Professor of Management Practice
Jenny Burns's picture
Director, Mission
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Steve Leffin's picture
Director of Global Sustainability
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Amy Fenton's picture
Global Leader, Public Development & Sustainability
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Chief Science and Exploration Officer
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Andrew Park's picture
Senior Sustainability Strategist
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Global Director of Social Mission
Jenny Rushmore's picture
Director of Responsible Travel
Andy Wu's picture
Principal Business Analyst, CSR
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Gwen Nguyen's picture
Cause Director
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Emma Stewart's picture
Head of Sustainability Solutions
Allen White's picture
Founder & Co-Chair
Cynthia Cummis's picture
Deputy Director, GHG Protocol
Maxfield Weiss's picture
Senior Manager, Disclosure Services
Reki Hattori's picture
CTO, Engineering
Deb Martin's picture
Associate Director, Stakeholder Engagement
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Cora Olsen's picture
ESG Data Manager
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Emilio Tenuta's picture
VP, Corporate Sustainability
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Leonardo Bonanni's picture
Founder & CEO
Kathrin Winkler's picture
Chief Sustainability Officer
Kyle Peterson's picture
Managing Director
Veronica Nyhan Jones's picture
Strategic Community Investment Lead, Infrastructure & Natural Resources
Katie Schmitz Eulitt's picture
Director of Stakeholder Engagement
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Brad Peirce's picture
Vice President, TD Environment
Libby Bernick's picture
Senior Vice President, North America
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Andrew Savini's picture
Manager, Supplier Management & Audits
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Denise Hills's picture
Head of Sustainability
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Jed Davis's picture
Director of Sustainability
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Jon Dettling's picture
Managing Director, US
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Mark Tulay's picture
Program Director
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Suzanne Shelton's picture
President and CEO
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