SB'11 Workshops

You're making the most out of your SB experience when registering for an All Event Pass and taking advantage of the skill-building workshops, and deeper dive insights discussions taking place on Tuesday June 7th. These more in-depth sessions are a great way of beefing up your knowledge and skills on certain topics, and an opportunity to collaborate with and get to know your fellow attendees early on.


Morning Workshops: 9.00am - 12.00pm


Inspiring Sustainability in Skeptics

John Marshall Roberts - Author, Igniting Inspiration; A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries
What could your organization accomplish if cynicism and apathy were no longer present? How much extra revenue and goodwill could your brand generate if it instilled a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in customers? What would be possible if you could inspire common vision in even the most cynical of stakeholders? In this workshop, author and communications expert John Marshall Roberts will help you make this vision a reality. He will walk you step-by-step through the essentials of an empathy-based communication framework first popularized in his bestselling book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries”.

Business Model Innovation in Support of Sustainable Consumption

Marc Mathieu - SVP Global Marketing, Unilever
We have seen the sustainability space undergo many transformations. From the days when sustainability platforms were rare to the days when initiatives, projects, and efforts were popping up everywhere to the present where everyone seems to have an all-encompassing strategy. Today, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new evolution—an evolution that's about creating shared value, as Michael Porter so aptly puts it—where society and business meet to form a valuable union. This union still upholds the values and the ethos of sustainability and social responsibility, but it does something new—it impacts the bottom line and creates quantifiable value for the business.

In this workshop, we will dissect shared value—why it's important, why it's new (for most), and why it's going to change the face of sustainability and social responsibility. We'll explore this idea on a high level, and then dive into what it means for your brand, or a brand you know, looking at product and market innovation, value chain productivity, and cluster development in the process.


Future-Proofing Your Brand

Sally Uren - Deputy CEO, Forum For The Future
The session will aim to introduce the audience to futures techniques as a means of building long-term value for the brand.  By immersing delegates into future possible worlds – scenarios – and leading them through a series of questions – delegates begin to identify the long-term opportunities and risks to their brand as a result of exposure to meta-social, economic and environmental trends.  Delegates would then be helped to understand the innovation required today to future-proof their brands for tomorrow.
Brands in many businesses, including Danone, Tata Global Beverages, Pepsico, Sainsbury’s and others have benefitted by participating in this process with non-profit Forum For the Future.


Measuring ROI of Your Sustainability Initiatives

Robert Boller - VP Sustainability, Kendall Jackson Winery
Gil Friend - CEO & Founder, Natural Logic
80% of companies in 22 countries worldwide, and 74% of companies in the US do some sort of CSR Reporting. The question has shifted from 'Who's Reporting?' to 'Who's NOT Reporting?'  But apart from the growing move to report on environmental and CSR initiatives, the question remains "What is the Real Business Value of sustainability and CSR efforts, and more importantly, how do you measure it?"
This workshop will dive in to the challenges of identifying and measuring inherent business value of sustainability, and then how to present it to the C-Suite.We will consider metrics such as Employee Turnover, Productivity and Conservation, and have a look at the methodology behind identifying the ROI of CSR. Attendees will go through hands-on exercises to learn how to affect change in these indicators in their own organizations.

Research Roundtable:  Latest Consumer Insights from SLM's Top Research Picks

Graceann Bennett - Managing Partner, Ogilvy
Jim Jubelirer - Founder, Sustainable Futures
Suzanne Shelton - President and CEO, Shelton Group
Freya Williams - Co-Founder, Director of Strategy, OgilvyEarth
Renee Lertzman - Consultant, Portland State University
Jeff Smith - Partner, Prophet
In this information rich session, SLM's top pick researchers share their latest insights into what is happening in 2010 with consumer engagement with brand's environmental and social sustainability promises. Researchers will each present their latest data, followed by a rich discussion about comparative methodologies as well as insights that can be gleaned, and gaps that can be identified by looking at the landscape of available data. Expect a wealth of hard information, as well as a great opportunity for Q&A with researchers and peers to help inform your strategy for 2011 and beyond.

Afternoon Workshops: 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Gamification Applied

Gabe Zichermann - Author, Game-Based Marketing
Gamification--the process of applying game mechanics and engagement science to businesses--is rewriting the rules of brand marketing, product design, and customer experience. Results such as increased customer activity, loyalty, retention, and viral growth are all within reach. This workshop takes the guesswork out developing a gamification strategy. Learn key concepts including player types and motivations, proven design techniques, and the problem-solving cycles of implementing an effective gamification plan. 


Creating destinies of choice - Nextplays future casting workshop

Peter Salmon - Founder & Director, FISCHE
Ever wondered why we ended up where we are? What about the future? What decisions do you think are going to shape where you end up?
This workshops is an adventure. An opportunity to walk in some elses shoes for a while and think about the future through their eyes and what decisions you would make on their behalf when confronted by some future uncertainty or challenge.

NextPlays - inspiring sustainble enterprise futures

NextPlays is a platform for social and sustainable transformation. It’s designed to consider the future and discover new challenges and opportunities. Respond to them using systemic approaches to create new pathways forward and new value for the organisation and the communities they serve.

NextPlays Discovery

Attendees will get to experience a version of the NextPlays Discovery tools. To make decisions on behalf of a persona - or someone that represents a character from our local community.

We will get to consider a number of trends and uncertainties and make bifurcating futures based on the decisions we make on their behalf. In a short order we will create a number of uniquely different ‘destinies’ for our character.

We get a chance to understand what resilience really means to our persona and what it’s going to take to get them on the road to the destiny we all choose for them.
Future-casting is a lot of fun. And along the way we will share some anecdotes and insights on how you can use future-casting to inform future-centred design decisions. We hope every atendee leaves with some simple and fast approaches to considering the future through the lens of your own customer.


Data Wrangling for Today's Radical Business Transparency

Tim Greiner - Managing Director, Pure Strategies
Managing data has become extremely complex for today’s businesses.  We are awash in sustainability be it data from offices, stores, operations, tier 1 suppliers, employee travel, bills of materials, ERP systems, logistics, restricted substance lists, and life cycle studies.  In an age of increasing transparency, managing and communicating your sustainability data has taken on strategic importance.
During this interactive session, you will learn how to determine how to decide what types of data are important, which metrics make sense, and how to track your company-level sustainability data.  We will examine the tradeoffs of various accounting tools and methodologies.  This interactive session is built on Pure Strategies 15 years of experience working with brands such as Stonyfield Farm, Seventh Generation, Mars, Dell, and The North Face.


Managing For Change: Stages of Sustainability Maturity

Seetha Coleman Kammula and Brian ColemanSimply Sustain
Between them, Seetha and Brian bring decades of experience supporting high level organizational change, as well as multi-stakeholder systems transformation with companies such as Dutch Shell Oil, Dow, Unilever, Starbucks and others. This workshop will be based on insights from advising and observing big companies go through several stages in their sustainability journey. With the help of stories to enliven the stages, and small exercises, this workshop aims to give participants a few insights and ideas to influence their own organizations to successfully navigate through all these stages, learn to communicate better both internally and externally, and ultimately experience success.

Research Roundtable:  Latest Business-to-Business Insights from SLM's Top Research Picks

James Cerruti - EVP Managing Director - Strategy & Research, BrandLogic
Jonathan Godsall - President, Zumer Interactive
Karen Janowski - Partner, EcoStrategy Group
David Schatsky - Principal, Green Research
Michael Muyot - President, CRD Analytics
Chris Guenther - Senior Associate, SustainAbility
In this workshop, SLM-selected researchers share insights into what is happening inside companies today with respect to sustainability and CSR. Some of the topics explored include: landscape of of committment identified as risk vs. innovation-driven across 10 key market sectors, levels and focus of investment, impact of sustainability on reputation and brand value, CSR reporting strategies (what, when and how), and more. Researchers will each present their latest data, followed by a moderated discussion of what more we need to know, and how we might better understand those drivers and benefits of a continued shift toward improved environmental and social impact. Expect a wealth of hard information, as well as a great opportunity for Q&A with researchers and peers to help inform your strategy for 2011 and beyond.

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