SB'11 Speakers

SB'11 enjoys a world class faculty of thought leaders and practitioners who are leading the sustainable brand revolution. To keep touch with our faculty on an ongoing basis, subscribe to our SB'11 Speaker List on Twitter.

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Tim Greiner's picture

Tim Greiner

Co-founder and Managing Director
Pure Strategies
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Jerri Chou's picture

Jerri Chou

Managing Partner
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KJanowski's picture

Karen Janowski

EcoStrategy Group
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Emily Cichy's picture

Emily Cichy

Manager, Corporate Citizenship
The Walt Disney Company
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KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz's picture

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz

Sustainable Brands
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Melody Badgett's picture

Melody Badgett

Managing Director
1% for the Planet
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Marc Gobé's picture

Marc Gobé

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Jeff Mendelsohn's picture

Jeff Mendelsohn

New Leaf Paper
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Seetha Kammula's picture

Seetha Kammula

Founding Partner
Simply Sustain LLC
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Jean Gingras's picture

Jean Gingras

Environmental Program Manager
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Jacquelyn Ottman's picture

Jacquelyn Ottman

The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding
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Chris Miller's picture

Christopher Miller

Director, Corporate Consciousness
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rraj's picture

Robin Raj

Founder, Executive Creative Director
Citizen Group
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Graceann Bennett's picture

Graceann Bennett

Managing Partner, Director of Strategic Planning
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Michael Dupee's picture

Michael Dupee

VP Sustainable Innovation
Keurig Green Mountain
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James Cerruti's picture

James Cerruti

Senior Partner
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Jan Wikman's picture

Jan Wikman

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Carol Sanford's picture

Carol Sanford

The Responsible Entrepreneur Institute
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Chris Laszlo's picture

Chris Laszlo

Managing Partner
Sustainable Value Partners
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Michael Muyot's picture

Michael Muyot

President and Founder
CRD Analytics
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bpackard's picture

Ben Packard

VP Global Responsibility
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Rajat Paharia's picture

Rajat Paharia

Founder, Chief Product Officer
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Susan McPherson's picture

Susan McPherson

Senior Vice President
Road Runner
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Erin Schrode's picture

Erin Schrode

Turning Green
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Kierstin De West's picture

Kierstin De West

Telus Communications
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Sean Rosas's picture

Sean Rosas

Senior Manager of Employee & Community Engagement
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David Mallen's picture

David Mallen

Deputy Director, National Advertising Division
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Gavin McIntyre's picture

Gavin McIntyre

Chief Scientist
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Jim Jubelirer's picture

Jim Jubelirer

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David Ian Gray's picture

David Ian Gray

DIG360 Consulting
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JeffHollender's picture

Jeffrey Hollender

Co-founder of Seventh Generation and Author
The Responsibility Revolution
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Peter Graf's picture

Peter Graf

Chief Sustainability Officer
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Eric Olson's picture

Eric Olson

SVP Advisory Services
Business for Social Responsibility
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Leo Raudys's picture

Leo Raudys

Senior Director Environmental Sustainability
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Al Iannuzzi's picture

Al Iannuzzi

Senior Director WW EHS
Johnson & Johnson
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Neal Gorenflo's picture

Neal Gorenflo

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Chip Conley's picture

Chip Conley

Founding President
AT&T Internet Services
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Michael Kim's picture

Michael Kim

Kairos Labs
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Ian Yolles's picture

Ian Yolles

Chief Sustainability Officer
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Leonard Robinson's picture

Leonard Robinson

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Abigail Rodgers's picture

Abigail Rodgers

Global Brand Manager
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Lee Ann Head's picture

Lee Ann Head

VP Research
Shelton Group
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Derek Young's picture

Derek Young

Director, Responsible Business
Carlson Restaurants/TGI Fridays
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Charlene Lake's picture

Charlene Lake

SVP-Public Affairs & Chief Sustainability Officer
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John Marshall Roberts's picture

John Marshall Roberts

Worldview Thinking
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Allyson Park's picture

Allyson Park

Vice President, Worldwide Public Affairs & Communications
The Coca-Cola Company
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Azinfische's picture

Peter Salmon

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Ephi Banaynal's picture

Ephi Banaynal dela Cruz

Director, Social and Environmental Accountability (SEA) and Audit
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apresley's picture

Alison Presley

Manager, Travel for Good
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Jessica Scorpio's picture

Jessica Scorpio

Founder and Director of Business Development
Comcast Cable
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Lisa Klauser's picture

Lisa Klauser

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Kevin Richardson's picture

Kevin Richardson

Senior Producer
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Heather Scott's picture

Heather Scott

Senior Brand Manager
Nestle Purina Petcare Company
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Peter Hartwell's picture

Peter Hartwell

Distinguished Technologist
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pwellner's picture

Pamela Wellner

Senior Regulatory Analyst
California Public Utilities Commission
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Lisa Jayne Galindo's picture

Lisa Jayne Galindo

Minna Condos
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Brian Coleman's picture

Brian Coleman

Verizon FiOS
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Dave Cobban's picture

Dave Cobban

Marketing Director Nike Sustainable Business and I
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Jeff Fielkow's picture

Jeffrey Fielkow

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John Rooks's picture

John Rooks

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bjensen's picture

Beth Jensen

Corporate Responsibility Manager
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Adam Mott's picture

Adam Mott

Sustainability Director
The North Face
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Michael Maggio's picture

Michael Maggio

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Mike Fraser's picture

Mike Fraser

Vice President of Sustainability Development
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Melissa Clark-Reynolds's picture

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

CEO & AlphaMonkey
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R. Paul Herman's picture

Paul Herman

CEO + Founder
HIP (Human Impact+Profit) Investor Inc.
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Abhay Bhagwat's picture

Abhay Bhagwat

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Eric Ostern's picture

Eric Ostern

Senior Manager, Americas Corporate Responsibility
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Ed Viesturs's picture

Ed Viesturs

Head Spokesman and America's Leading High Altitude
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Dan Lawson's picture

Dan Lawson

Manager Sustainable Innovation
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Aneysha Pearce's picture

Aneysha Pearce

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William Knapp's picture

William Knapp

Chief Operating Officer
Mbusa LLC
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Gabe Zichermann's picture

Gabe Zichermann

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Tara Lynn Gray's picture

Tara Lynn Gray

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Bruce Poon Tip's picture

Bruce Poon Tip

Founder & Captain
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Julie Panko's picture

Julie Panko

Principal Health Scientist
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Kate Brass's picture

Katherine Brass

Program Manager, Ecomagination
General Electric
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Kierstin Regelin's picture

Kierstin Regelin

Global Citizenship & Social Innovation Program Mgr
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Lara Pearson's picture

Lara Pearson

Chief Pontificator / VP & CSO
Brand Geek / Exemplar
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Jeff Smith's picture

Jeff Smith

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Ellen Goodman's picture

Ellen Goodman

Executive Director
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Sarah Krasley's picture

Sarah Krasley

Product Manager
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Adam Dole's picture

Adam Dole

Business Planning Manager
Mayo Clinic
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David Schatsky's picture

David Schatsky

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Gil Friend's picture

Gil Philip Friend

Founder and Chair
Natural Logic, Inc.
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John Viera's picture

John Viera

Global Director, Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters
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Arthur Rubinfeld's picture

Arthur Rubinfeld

President of Global Development
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Mitch Baranowski's picture

Mitch Baranowski

Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer
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jschiller's picture

Judah Schiller

Saatchi & Saatchi S
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Olivia Khalili's picture

Olivia Khalili

Senior Partnerships Manager
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Lisa Bennett's picture

Lisa Bennett

Chief Creative Officer
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Christine Kennedy's picture

Christine Kennedy

Sustainability Manager
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Simon Dunne's picture

Simon Dunne

Manager of Global Advocacy
Comcast Cable
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Marc Mathieu's picture

Marc Mathieu

SVP Marketing
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Jules Peck's picture

Jules Peck

Founding Partner
Flourishing Enterprise
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Freya Williams's picture

Freya Williams

Futerra North America
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Kevin Hagen's picture

Kevin Hagen

Dir Corporate Responsibility
Iron Mountain
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Robert Boller's picture

Robert Boller

Vice President of Sustainability (formerly)
Kendall Jackson Winery (Jackson Family Wines)
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Nadya Zhexembayeva's picture

Nadya Zhexembayeva

Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainable Development
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Jim Sullivan's picture

Jim Sullivan

Vice President, Sustainability Management & Strategy
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Ron Shaich's picture

Ronald M. Shaich

Founder and Executive Chairman
Commonwealth Hematology
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Jess Kraus's picture

Jess Kraus

President & CEO
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Colleen Kohlsaat's picture

Colleen Kohlsaat

Director, Global Environmental Sustainability
Levi Strauss & Co.
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celiac's picture

Celia Canfield

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Rocco Papalia's picture

Rocco Papalia

SVP, Advanced Research
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Renee Lertzman's picture

Renee Lertzman

Engagement Strategist and Researcher
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Allen Hershkowitz's picture

Allen Hershkowitz

Senior Scientist
Natural Resources Defense Council
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Cristian Barcan's picture

Cristian Barcan

VP, Sustainability & Industry Affairs
Vinyl Institute
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Eric Dresselhuys's picture

Eric Dresselhuys

Executive Vice President & CMO
SilverSpring Network
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Chris Guenther's picture

Chris Guenther

Research Director
SustainAbility Inc
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Katherine O'Dea's picture

Katherine O'Dea

Senior Director, Advisory Services & Innovation
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Mark Lee's picture

Mark Lee

Executive Director
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Gregory Unruh's picture

Gregory Unruh

Cox Communications
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Sandy Skees's picture

Sandy Skees

Regional Director / Northern California
BSI EHS Services & Solutions
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replenish's picture

Jason Foster

CEO / Founder
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Sally Uren's picture

Sally Uren

Chief Executive
Forum for the Future
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William Rosenzweig's picture

William Rosenzweig

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Suzanne Shelton's picture

Suzanne Shelton

President and CEO
Shelton Group
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ericscores's picture

Eric Frothingham

Managing Director
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Jonathan Yohannan's picture

Jonathan Yohannan

Vice President of Public Relations
Panera Bread
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Jennifer Schwab's picture

Jennifer Schwab

Chief Sustainability Officer
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Bonnie Nixon's picture

Bonnie Nixon

Senior Partner, Courageous Catalyst for Change
ERM: Environmental Resources Management
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JonathanGodsall's picture

Jonathan Godsall

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Raphael Bemporad's picture

Raphael Bemporad

Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer
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Adam Werbach's picture

Adam Werbach

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Alexis Haass's picture

Alexis Haass

Senior Manager, Sustainability
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Michael Washburn's picture

Michael Washburn

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Greg Norris's picture

Gregory Norris

Co-Director of SHINE
Harvard School of Public Health
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Michael Jordan's picture

Michael Jordan

SVP Sustainable Strategy
Waldorf Astoria Orlando
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Gale Tedhams's picture

Gale Tedhams

Director Sustainability
Owens Corning
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Michele Ronsen's picture

Michele Ronsen

Senior Vice President and Creative Director
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Annie Longsworth's picture

Annie Longsworth

Founder & CEO
The Siren Agency
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Christine Arena

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Joe Sibilia's picture

Joe Sibilia

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Debra Lieberman's picture

Debra Lieberman

Director, Health Games Research
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Tom LaForge's picture

Tom LaForge

Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights
The Coca-Cola Company
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Stu Rudick's picture

Stuart Rudick

Mindful Investors
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