SB'12 Workshops

You're making the most out of your SB experience when registering for an All Event Pass and taking advantage of the skill-building workshops, and deeper dive insights and discussions taking place on Monday June 4th. These more in-depth sessions are a great way of beefing up your knowledge and skills on certain topics, and an opportunity to collaborate with and get to know your fellow attendees early on.


Choose between the following Morning Workshops: 9.00am - 12.00pm:

Sustainable Brands 101: Designing and Marketing a Sustainable Brand

Al Iannuzzi - Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson and Author, Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands
Jim Fava - Senior Director, PE and Five Winds Strategic Consulting and Co-Author

In this workshop, Al and Jim will cover the material in Al's latest book, 'Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands'; a great introduction to sustainable brand building. You will get practical advice on how to design and market more sustainable products and gain insight into the best practices and lessons learned from leading companies such as Clorox, GE, Timberland, Philips, Apple Inc., Procter & Gamble, and BASF. This workshop helps you better understand market and regulatory drivers for developing greener and more sustainable products. Learn how leading companies are communicating and marketing their greener products and examine a variety of case studies ranging from the methods used to develop greener products to sucessful ways to market their benefits.

CSR and your Employees: Building Engagement from Within

Chris Jarvis - Co-Author, CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices
Angela Parker - Co-Author, CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business Practices

An organization's journey toward corporate social responsibility is either propelled or paralyzed by employees. What does it take to get an entire employee team on board? Are there best practices or practical steps that can garner employee engagement as your business works for real and long-term social impacts? We believe the answer is "Yes." This workshop will draw on Jarvis' in-depth research and experience in the field to address practical steps that can increase employee engagement as your business works for real and long-term social impacts.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding the Three Stages of Engagement. How to design an EVP with the "Four Conditions of Sustainable Participation". Explore current CSR best practices and trends. Discover how to implement these practices in your organization

Research Roundtable: Latest Consumer Insights from SLM's top Research Picks

Various speakers and research presentations, including:
Karen Barnes - Vice President of Insight, Shelton Group 
Jonathan Yohannan - SVP Corporate Responsibility, Cone, Inc. 
Hernan Sanchez Neira - CEO & Co-Founder, Havas Media Intelligence
Henk Campher - SVP Business & Social Purpose, Edelman 
Freya Williams - Co-Founder, Director of Strategy, Ogilvy & Mather 
Kevin Williams - Principal Brand Strategist, Pure Branding 

Annie Longsworth - CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi S

In this information rich session, SLM's top pick researchers share their latest insights into what is happening in 2012 with consumer engagement with brand's environmental and social sustainability promises. Researchers will each present their latest data, followed by a rich discussion about comparative methodologies as well as insights that can be gleaned, and gaps that can be identified by looking at the landscape of available data. Expect a wealth of hard information, as well as a great opportunity for Q&A with researchers and peers to help inform yours strategy for 2012 and beyond.

Consumer-Driven Innovation: Unleashing Co-Creativity to Design Better Brands

Raphael Bemporad - Principal & Chief Strategy Officer, BBMG

This workshop will focus on using consumer-driven innovation protocols to co-create solutions to challenges in the food and beverage industry, but shared by the entire Sustainable Brands community. After sharing the moment of opportunity within the industry, the BBMG team will lead participants through a series of exercises to demonstrate its approach to innovation with the cross-disciplinary group.

At the outset of the session, a panel of brand representatives and industry experts will set context for the challenge by sharing the business imperative for sustainable innovation within their organizations. BBMG will then share consumer attitudes on the future of sustainable food. These insights help shape consumer personas that will play a leading role in the subsequent innovation protocols. From here, participants will work through a series of interactive exercises to generate actionable concepts for triple bottom line success across branding, packaging, promotions, platforms, and marketplaces. The workshop will conclude by reviewing the ideas developed and picking the best concepts for consumer feedback. All results will be shared with the Sustainable Brands community in a recap blog.

Decision-Making for Sustainability: Maximizing Opportunity in a Changing Climate

Kevin Wilhelm - Author, Return on Sustainability: How Business Can Increase Profitability and Address Climate Change In An Uncertain Economy

Understand how to strategically position your company around market forces using sustainability by learning about companies who've enhanced their brand value and financial performance while simultaneously improving their social and environmental performance. Then tackle these issues in a hands-on workshop so you can gain the skills necessary to bring an improved decision-making program back to your own organization.

Choose between the following Afternoon Workshops: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Communications Strategies for Business & Social Change

John Marshall Roberts - Author, Igniting Inspiration: A persuasion Manual for Visionaries

Back by popular demand, this dynamic workshop has been fine-tuned and perfected to help sustainability advocates, marketing executives and communication professionals overcome cynicism and drive behavior change for their sustainable projects and initiatives.

Through a variety of grounded business case-studies and interactive exercises, participants will learn:

  • A revolutionary new scientific framework for overcoming cynicism through strategic marketing and communications called Worldview Thinking (tm)
  • The 4 major thinking styles that drive all stakeholder attitudes and behaviors
  • The 4 major specied of cynicism and how to overcome them
  • The 3 filters that your audiences use to keep important messages out
  • Innovative action strategies for finding key leverage points for creating behavior change in any audience - based upon a proven psychometric data model (the Roberts Worldview Assessment)

Materiality Metrics and Decision Making for a Value Added Sustainability Journey

Cristian Barcan - Director Applied Sustainability Nutrition & Health, BASF Corporation
Charlene Wall -  Sustainability Leader, North America, BASF Corporation
James Reagan - EVP, Research, Education & Innovation, National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Mike Faupel - Director of Operations, The Sustainability Consortium
Jeff Rice - Director of Sustainability, WalMart

Join us to hear how we can all journey towards more sustainable consumer goods by connecting stakeholders along the entire value chain with experts in the academic and NGO worlds. Workshop leaders will be from from BASF, The Sustainability Consortium, the National Cattleman's Beef Association, and Walmart.

What You Will Learn:

  • How are value chain partners collaborating for more sustainable supply chains?
  • Why are life cycle, value chain and holistic sustainabiltiy assessments so important?
  • How can you take practical steps towards improving your sustainability?

Effective Leadership Traits and Skills for Managing Global Sustainable Brands

Gregory Unruh - Director for the Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management, Thunderbird

The world's greatest challenges and opportunities are global. They will be captured and solved by a new class of professional, the Global Leader. Join Thunderbird professor Dr. Gregory Unruh as he presents an exclusive seminar based on his new book "Being Global: How to Think, Act and Lead in a Transformed World" published by the renowned Harvard Business Review Press. Based on the Thunderbird School of Global Management's on over six decades of experience in training global leaders, this seminar will introduce you to the skills and competencies needed to succeed in a global world.

Future-Proofing Your Brand: Scenario Planning

Sally Uren - Deputy Chief Executive, Forum For the Future

The session will aim to introduce the audience to futures tecniques as a means of building long-term value for the brand. By immersing delegates into future possible worlds - scenarios - and leading them through a series of questions - delegates begin to identify the long-term opportunities and risks to their brands as a result of exposure to meta-social, economic and environmental trends. Delegates would then be helped to understand the innovation required today to future-proof their brands for tomorrow. Brands in many businesses, including Danone, Tata Global Beverages, Pepsico, Sainsbury's and others have benefitted by participating in this process with non-profit Forum For the Future.

Research Roundtable:  Latest Business-to-Business Insights from SLM's Top Research Picks

Various speakers and research presentations, including:
David Schatsky - Principal, Green Research

Daniel Aronson - Director of Sustainability Transformation, Deloitte

Sheila Bonini - Sr. Expert, McKinsey & Company 
Lucy Shea - CEO, Futerra 
Katherine Blue - Director, Climate Change & Sustainability, KPMG 
Chris Congdon - Director, Global Research Communications, Steelcase 

In this workshop, SLM-selected researchers share insights into what is happening inside companies today with respect to sustainability and CSR, such as: landscape of commitment identified as risk vs. innovation-driven across market sectors, levels and focus of investment, impact of sustainability on reputation and brand value, CSR reporting strategies (what, when and how), and more. Researchers will each present their latest data, followed by a moderated discussion of what more we need to know, and how we might better understand those drivers and benefits of a continued shift toward improved environmental and social impact. Expect a wealth of hard information, as well as a great opportunity for Q&A with researchers and peers to help inform your strategy for 2012 and beyond.

OR Choose between these two All Day Workshops:

Biomimicry: Nature's Guide to Sustainability

(Followed by the Balboa Park Walk-About)

Sunni Robertson - San Diego Zoo Global
* Please Note: This is an All Day Workshop in conjunction with the Balboa Park Afternoon Walk-About: Transportation provided at 8.30am from Paradise Point and return at 3.30pm from Balboa Park

Biomimicry, or bio-inspiration, is the discipline of drawing inspiration from nature-its systems, processes, and elements-to solve design problems in a sustainable manner. The inspiration applies not only to product-focused innovations, such as early-stage development or established manufacturing methods, but also to organizational and collaborative processes. The ultimate outcome will be to cause a fundamental shift in thinking about challenges to business. 

As stewards of the world's largest collection of plants and animals, San Diego Zoo Global offers a truly unique environment to experience and be inspired by nature. Join us for this morning workshop to explore how nature's designs, patterns, structures, and behavior can apply to sustainable practices. 

Collaboration and Innovation in Action: A Balboa Park Walkabout

(Preceded by the Biomimicry Workshop at the San Diego Zoo)

Jessica Rinaman - Program Coordinator/Environmental Sustainability , Balboa Park Cultural Partnership
Paige Simpson - Interim Executive Director, Institute, Balboa Park Learning Institue
Heather Hart- IT Project Manager, Balboa Park Online Collaborative
* Please Note: This is an All Day Workshop linked to the Biomimicry Workshop at the Zoo: Transportation provided at 8.30am from Paradise Point and return at 3.30pm from Balboa Park

The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is a nonprofit organization through which 26 diverse arts, science and cultural institutions collaborate in areas such as collective business, environmental sustainability, education and training, communications, and programming. We work together to achieve greater efficiencies, excellence and innovation than are possible individually, in order to transform the Balboa Park experience and the value of arts, science, and culture in our community for a dynamic and changing 21st Century.

The Balboa Park tour is comprised of three focus areas that will highlight collaborative work conducted by and for Partnership members: the Balboa Park Environmental Sustainability Program, the Balboa Park Learning Institute, and the Balboa Park Online Collaborative. This tour will visit a few diverse institutions throughout the Park for a deeper look on collaboration towards a common goal. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Insourcing and the US Economic Future: Experience Successful US Manufacturing Establishments Producing Innovative Sustainable Products

Kristen Victor - President, Sustainability Matters, Inc.
Tina Anderson - President, ArtFlor
Charlie Redden - Director of Sustainability, Taylor Guitars
* Please Note: This is an All Day Workshop: Transportation provided from Paradise Point at 9.00am with return at 3.00pm

When analyzing the actual cost of doing business abroad, US factories can complete on price, delivery and quality.  Experts expect 2-3 million US jobs to be created over the next several years related to insourcing.


At this pre-conference tour, guests are welcome to spend an insightful day exploring two successful US manufacturing facilities, Taylor Guitars and Artlfor, Inc., and discover how insourcing has played a key role in these businesses. At Taylor Guitars, one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium acoustic and electric guitars, guests will experience the guitar-making process, from raw wood to finished product. The tour will also cover the company’s unique social forestry model, its sustainable and responsible use practices, and the environmentally friendly innovations that have made Taylor a leader in its industry. Guests will even have an opportunity to pick up and play a variety of Taylor guitars, and discover why musicians like Dave Matthews, Zac Brown, Jason Mraz and many others make Taylor their guitar of choice. While onsite, a gourmet lunch presented by Yapo’s Catering will explore the concept of Food 360, which traces the farm-to-table movement one step further to include composting. 


In the afternoon, the tour will visit Artflor, Inc., a leader in pre-cast architectural concrete. While here, guests will discover how this company produces countertops, stair treads, tiles, and other solid surface goods using a proprietary design mix of high recycled content and lightweight concrete. Artflor has manufactured custom product for clients such as Bellagio, The Wynn, Hard Rock Cafe, Boeing, Safeco Field (Seattle Mariners), The Mirage and Google (to drop just a few names)!  Artflor's tour will be highlighted by demos of concrete polishing, casting and finishing.


Guests are invited to discover how these companies share the mutual goals of eliminating global environmental contamination, reducing carbon emissions from transportation around the globe, and protecting our natural resources. Taylor and Artflor both hold government regulations as a minimum environmental standard, and call for continual research and development for better product and production systems.


A follow-up panel discussion will occur on Thursday, June 7 with Artflor, Taylor Guitars and SustainU, a clothing line manufacturer. A collaborative conversation will focus on business models of environmental and social sensitivity from a scale of small to large business scenarios. A case study of Artflor's recent success in becoming a domestic source for product previously acquired oversees will be explored.  Bob Taylor, President of Taylor Guitars, will discuss the company’s latest endeavor in responsible sourcing: the co-purchase of an ebony mill located in Cameroon and its plan to insource its supply as part of a legal, ethical and sustainable sourcing model.

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What SB Attendees Say

“It was great to be part of such an inspiring, motivated and determined community. ”
—Natasha Davidson, Philips