What SB Alumni say about the SB Conference

What Alumni Say About SB

The Sustainable Brands Conference is ground zero for sustainability, brand and innovation professionals who come together from around the world to be inspired, engaged and equipped to succeed by building the better brands of tomorrow, while building a network of likeminded colleagues who can help.

Here is what Alumni say about the SB Conference

"SB conferences are among the best."

Bill Morrissey,VP - Environmental Sustainability, The Clorox Company

"Great conference - people, content, mood, rhythm, level of play. Exceeded my expectations and in fact surprised me with its consistent goodness."

Gil Friend - Natural Logic

"It is the only conference I went to in my entire life where I felt happy! You could feel the energy, the hope and hear about innovative ideas that will have an impact on the world."
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First of all i want to thank you all for such a warm welcome and such a great conference. It is the only conference i went to in my entire life where i felt happy!

You could feel the energy, the hope and hear about innovative ideas that will have an impact on the world. For the past twenty years Branding as we know it has become a powerful tool of destruction, it is refreshing to know that there are people doing the right thing and even though isolated are taking personally on the challenge to look at businesses with an activist mind

My hope:
  1. That you will keep the content to be unbiased and challenging (Erin Schrode)
  2. That the big brands that come on stage have the humility to address their challenges (Pepsi)
  3. That those with a true vision for CSR and Sustainability be given a bigger role (Starbucks)
  4. That those individuals with a true vision and willingness to take risk be on stage (Panera)
  5. That all content be about stuff nobody is aware off yet
My fear:
  1. Catering to "former big brands" and their cynicism ( Nike claiming that they have changed the world and want to change it even more in the future....?)
  2. Compromising content for sponsors when what will attract sponsors is uncompromising content (P&G will only come if your content is challenging. They are seeing the lines they have crossed and want to know what is next, not be celebrated for what they do now)
  3. That you loose your cutting edge vision on what needs to happen next and forget to tell brands that they can't continue the way they have operated
  4. Forget that the big ideas are not coming from consumer goods brands anymore but social media
  5. That you will lose the fun you bring to a tough discussion
The conference was about sustainability, but the true underline idea behind this event is that change is possible and inevitable. The green political movement in Europe started on the fringes by activists wanting to save "the planet" to become a movement of truth, vision for the future and an alternative to the status quo and cynicism of the past. They are now the most powerful political force others bigger parties can't do without

Business is pragmatic and open right now to be told how to be even more profitable, it starts with people and people want more responsible businesses

Let's the message be heard

Marc Gobe - Emotional Branding

"Thanks so much for challenging our thinking and for your genuine interest and support. We learned a lot, plus did a lot of of networking with corporate members that will pay out in the very near future."

Javier Roderiquez Merino, Group Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company

"I'd like to congratulate you and your team on putting together such an outstanding event. I was thrilled to be part of the program and to meet such impressive and diverse members of the Sustainable Brands Community."

David Mallen, Deputy Director, NAD

"For those who have not attended this event before you will be surprised to find a community, not a conference. You will leave enriched by the experience, and I promise you, you will want to come again next year."
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As sustainability professionals in today's hectic, time crazed world, it is easily possible to get lost the myriad of conferences and networking opportunities presented to you. It is equally rare, however, to find one that offers as much value to the participant as it does to the organizer. In my experience Sustainable Brands represents that rare opportunity where attendees can find true value, both personally and for their company or organization and one where the diversity of those in attendance can create lasting value; both for the organizer and the field in general.

It is therefore, my honor to invite you to attend the 2012 Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego. This year's event will tackle the challenging times we face as companies and professionals dedicated to building sustainable brands and addressing the growing demand for products and services that meet the increasingly knowledge-drive expectations of customers, both in business to consumer and business to business situations. Our theme; The Revolution Will Be Brandedseeks to explore the issues related to the power and expectations of brands in this market and how Brands can become an agent of change that address the wide range of social and environmental challenges we face as well as the expectations that they have to act as responsible citizens and meet the demand by customers that they be trustworthy.

For those who have not attended this event before you will be surprised to find a community, not a conference. One dedicated as much to building relationships and creating opportunities for learning as to presenting canned speeches or powerpoint presentations. You will leave enriched by the experience, and I promise you, you will want to come again next year.

Derek Young, Member, SB Advisory Board

"You rock. Best conference experience ever. Thank you!"

David Schatsky, Green Research

"SB11 once again exceeded my expectations as each day I thought to myself "I am so glad I am here"
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Here are a few things that truly differentiate SB for me from the other conferences I regularly attend:

  1. Speakers stay beyond their speech and continue to participate in the ongoing dialog,
  2. Dialog – SB is an open conversation that just keeps going and people at all levels are willing to engage
  3. I can go back to work with at least a few ideas of things I can do immediately
  4. More ideas are generated for me, even as indirect relation to our business here than anyplace else
  5. The brand and marketing people are great communicators, and LIFE is about good communication!

Leilani C. Latimer, Director, Sustainability Initiatives, Sabre Holdings

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What SB Attendees Say

“I’m amazed at how such a good thing can keep getting better. ”
—Coleman Bigelow, Johnson & Johnson