Why Attend SB'12

Why Attend SB'12

The Sustainable Brands Conference is the preeminent conference for executives throughout your organization who are looking to understand the unfolding market drivers and leading-edge strategies for building business and brand value by innovating for sustainability.

 Brand Strategy

SB'12 provides real examples of how brands are tapping in to society's growing demand that companies create shared value for all its stakeholders -- not just shareholders. Learn how to turn your brand into a platform for purpose, identify brand aligned opportunities for positive impact, and rally stakeholders and resources around better solutions. Today's sustainable brand leaders are becoming society's heroes while at the same time finding their own paths to sustainability.
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 Design & Innovation

Learn more about the vast landscape of issues creating opportunity for smart product, service and solutions redesign today. From new materials to new business models, and everywhere in between, you'll brainstorm with your peers in co-create sessions at SB'12. Learn from leaders how they have redesigned for efficacy, efficiency, reuse, dematerialization, shareability and more.
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 Sustainability Executives

Gain the knowledge and skills that you need to keep your wide-angle sustainability lens open. SB'12 will provide insight into the current trends and transformations that are forcing radical changes in goals, business models, and metrics. You'll work with peers to craft solutions for driving influence, engagement and creative problem solving across your organization.
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 Marketing & Stakeholder Communications

Get up to the minute data on consumer trends and reporting best practices. At SB'12, you'll discover new social tools and techniques to help you to effectively build brand communities driven by shared purpose, explore the best methods for navigating transparency, and create confidence and trust in the authenticity of your brand.
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 Social Entrepreneurs

Come show us how it's done -- thinking outside the box that is -- while developing your brand marketing and communications skills.  Meet up with the global brand leaders, investors, and other influencers who can turn into just the partners you need to help you scale. 

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Gain a better understanding of the full spectrum of issues and opportunities surrounding our need to move to a sustainable economy and drive new forms of more sustainable consumption. Plus, meet up with the innovators who are imagining and delivering new products, solutions and business models that can help. 

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 Solutions Providers/Service Providers/Causes and More...

It takes a new set of tools and partners to build a successful sustainable business and brand. Let Sustainable Brands provide you with a way to showcase yours at the Sustainable Solutions Expo. At SB'12, you'll find groundbreaking material, packaging solutions, transparency tools, resource tracking or data management tools, social media and community engagement technologies, innovation support tools, and more. A sustainable brand understands that what's inside counts, and it takes a community of brand leaders to create and deliver a brand story with integrity.  

Together we will learn and find ways to co-create brands that not only respect, but delight all stakeholders both today, and in future generations by helping lead society toward a future we can all look forward to. 

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What SB Attendees Say

“Thanks so much for challenging our thinking and for your genuine interest and support. ”
—Javier Rodriguez Merino, Group Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company