SB '13 Volunteer Application

SB '13 Volunteer Application

Interested in attending the SB'13 Conference, but the price is too high? We can always use some extra hands on site and have a limited amount of discounted tickets available if you would like to contribute some volunteer hours during the event.

For 8-12 hours of work, you can attend at the 'at cost' ticket price of $850; a 70% discount from our regular price. This ticket is similar to an All Event Pass, and gives you full access to all the conference sessions and networking events when you are not on your shift.

Please fill out the application form to the right to apply for a volunteer position and one of our event managers will be in touch with you! If you would like to suggest and apply for a volunteer role that is not on the list, feel free to check the 'Other' box and add the nature of this role in the comments field.

Please have a look at the volunteer role descriptions below before applying:


In this role you will:
  • Manage the registration desk
  • Assist attendees with digital check-in
  • Distribute badges, lanyards, and program guide and answer any general questions from attendees
  • Remind attendees to wear badges at all times
  • Handle any registration issues (ie. purchasing upgrades, reprinting a badge).
  • Direct attendees to the Gift Lounge where they can pick up items of interest to them
  • Serve as Info Desk where attendees can inquire about other things related to the locale or conference (i.e. local maps, nearby restaurants, conference speakers, birds of a feather dinners, etc).
  • Volunteer registrars will work with our hired professional registration staff and on-site Registration Manager, Jessica Martinez, and will receive individual detailed training onsite, including an introduction to the registration software.

Gift Lounge Monitor

In this role you will:
  • Serve as point person for questions about the gift lounge and restock gift lounge so it is presentable at all times.
  • This role also means you will serve as a more informal "info person" as well.
  • Also responsible for helping "anyone with anything" especially in the case of registration.

Session Monitor

In this role you will:
  • Main contact for speaker to turn to for assistance/questions during Monday's workshops or breakout sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Ensure room is setup and clean, speakers have what they need and ensure the logistics of the session run smoothly
  • Check badges of attendees coming into the session and remain available during the session
  • Complete a Room Count Log Sheet and distribute and collect Session Feedback cards– documenting the actual start/stop time of the session and estimating the number of attendees in the room. And asking the audience prior to the start of the breakout to fill out the session feedback cards before leaving the session.
  • Work closely with Runner who will make the rounds to all rooms prior to the start of each breakout, making sure any issues are addressed. Runner will be on radio.
  • Session Monitors will be briefed by, and work closely with our Session Monitor Manager, TBD.

  • Note: This role requires strong people skills and great communicators

Speaker Coordinator

In this role you will:
  • Responsible for ensuring speakers are where they are supposed to be at the right time.
  • If a speaker is missing, this person will help locate him/her and get them to their session.
  • During breakouts, will work in conjunction with the runner who will be on radio and can help facilitate coordination.
  • Check in and get clipboard for assignment at the registration area. Materials that will be provided to the speaker coordinator include speaker contact info and photos.

Usher/Badge Monitor

In this role you will:
  • Make sure everyone who wants to pass the 'check point' has a valid badge and the right access permissions.
  • There are quite a few badge types that this role will need to be familiar with – please reference images in the attached document.
  • During the plenary sessions, badge checkers can position themselves to watch the video simulcast.
  • During breakout sessions, badge checkers can attend breakouts, but will need to excuse themselves early in order to scan the area and get back to their assigned post.

  • Note: There will be 5-6 badge monitors assigned during a scheduled timeslot and 5-6 designated checkpoints.
    If you're a people person this will be a great role for you!

Event Greening/Zero Waste Efforts

In this role you will:
  • Actively help our Green Team to manage recycling, compost and trash stations on-site to enable our attendees to achieve collecting only one-bag of trash per day for the entire conference
  • Work with the hotel to ensure sustainable efforts are made in restaurants and kitchens throughout the resort
  • Help to educate our attendees on how to help SB'13 achieve its zero-waste efforts

Evening/Networking/Special Events

In this role you will:
  • Will help organize and layout our special events on Monday and Wednesday night: the Opening Night Session and the BBQ & SB’13 Playhouse.
  • Special event volunteers will receive individual instructions by our Event Operations Manager, Valerie Miller.
  • These volunteers will work closely with exhibitors and will help execute on events and activities happening throughout the expo

Runner/Jack of all Trades

In this role you will:
  • Daily duties will change depending on needs and will be directed by your Volunteer Manager.
  • Wears many different hats, and is flexible so as to fill in as needed and directed
  • Available for special requests, session needs, handling issues that come up during the day, supporting other volunteer positions, and jumping into any role that requires assistance. The runner will be on radio.

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