SB London | What you will learn at SB London

What You Will Learn

  • How organisational change, employee engagement and multi-stakeholder collaboration are Driving Shift through the Power of And.
  • What the new opportunities are in brand positioning, how we communicate effectively with each of the associated target audiences and what key value propositions are involved.
  • How we can best employ approaches and techniques such as educating without guilt, storytelling and gamification to provide us with the tools for engaging and driving sales.  
  • How ‘design for behaviour change’ is being implemented in products and communications to support consumer desire to do the right thing.
  • What Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can do for design and brands.
  • Why business model innovation is key to brand development.
  • What market trends and drivers are in play at present; plus, how to spot what's coming next, futureproof your brand today and strategise for tomorrow.
  • How Open Innovation is set to pave the way for faster innovation by smart, strategic brand leaders.
  • What new tools are coming to market to help you manage, measure and report your environmental impact.
  • What really are the best examples of sustainable brand innovation/communication, what their study can teach us and how we can apply what we have learned.
  • The value of brand communities or tribes and why sustainable brands are well equipped to build one
  • What’s the latest on putting social media to work to build your brand more economically, while simultaneously strengthening your relationship with stakeholders
  • Who’s building successful, collaborative cross-sector partnerships, and how they’ve set down spears to build a productive relationship
  • You’ll find a full year’s worth of other thought-provoking, insightful, and tangible ideas for becoming a sustainable brand leader at SB London – plus be able to discuss them in depth!

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What SB Attendees Say

“It was great to be part of such an inspiring, motivated and determined community. ”
—Natasha Davidson, Philips