Speakers | SB London '14


A world-class faculty of 80+ speakers initiated an open exchange of ideas

Every year, Sustainable Brands® delivers a world-class faculty of business leaders and practitioners who provide insight and diversity of thought. Over 80 speakers jump-started conversations in London ranging on topics such as communicating sustainability, building movements for behavior change and practical system design for the circular economy.

Compiling this elite set of speakers would not have been possible without the guidance of our esteemed advisors.


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James Payne's picture
Consultancy Director
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Virginie Helias's picture
Vice President Global Sustainability
Chris Sherwin's picture
Head of Sustainability
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John Gardner's picture
VP & Chief Sustainability Officer
Nicole Rycroft's picture
Executive Director
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Mathieu Jahnich's picture
Founder & Director
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Paul Dickinson's picture
Co-founder and Executive Chairman
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Andrea Frenzel's picture
Senior Vice President Strategic Planning
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Rich Kylberg's picture
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Chris Moss's picture
Customer & Marketing Director
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Daianna Karaian's picture
Head of Brand Strategy
David Wheldon's picture
Managing Director of Brand, Reputation, Citizenship and Marketing
Karen Little's picture
Director of Development
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Roy Vercoulen's picture
Vice President, Head of European Operations
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Valérie Martin's picture
Head of Communication and Information Department
Mike Barry's picture
Director of Sustainable Business
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Ann Ewasechko's picture
Global Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation in Education
Nigel Stansfield's picture
Vice President & Chief Innovations Officer
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Claire Bergkamp's picture
Sustainability Manager
Michael Dickstein's picture
Director Global Sustainable Development
Bella Vuillermoz's picture
Director, Sky Academy
Thomas Kolster's picture
Author & Director
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Rosie Bristow's picture
Sustainability Planning and Communications Manager
Annette Pledger's picture
Senior Brand Manager
Julian Borra's picture
Global Creative Strategic Partner
Gail Gallie's picture
Campaign Director
Project Everyone
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Lucy Carver's picture
Director of The Bigger Picture
Noam Buchalter's picture
Marketing Manager, EMEA
Han Kuilderd's picture
Technical Manager
Martin Chilcott's picture
Founder & CEO
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João Fontes's picture
Social Footprinting Expert
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Hazel Culley's picture
Plan A Project Manager (Sustainability Manager)
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Jacobine Das Gupta's picture
Program Manager People+
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James Goodman's picture
Director of Futures
Eric Whan's picture
Director, Sustainability Practice
Kirsten Barnhoorn's picture
Founder, Management Consultant Sustainability
New Energy Consulting
Christopher Hodgson's picture
Environment and Sustainability Manager
Maria Giovanna Sandrini's picture
Brand & Corporate Communications Manager
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Phil Townsend's picture
Sustainable Raw Materials Specialist
Jo Confino's picture
Executive Editor
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Tom Francken's picture
Chief Financial Officer
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Christian Wieth's picture
Director of Textiles and Marketing
Markus Laubscher's picture
Project Manager, Circular Economy
Liesbeth Bracke's picture
IDC team leader & Project Manager, Europe
Ben Maxwell's picture
Senior Strategist
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Joss Tantram's picture
Founding Partner
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Nick Liddell's picture
Director of Strategy
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Stuart Duncan's picture
Marketing Manager
Becky Willan's picture
Co-Founder & Managing Director
David Hawksworth's picture
Co-Founder - Head of Strategy & Creative Services
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Conrad Lisco's picture
Head of Community Experience
Richie Hardwicke's picture
Head of Corporate Services
Dan Burgess's picture
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