Corporate Member Network

Companies who are not embedding sustainability at the core of their business strategy today will no longer be relevant tomorrow. Companies who are will be the successful leading brands of the next economy. The Sustainable Brands Member Network is the leading peer-to-peer, learning and networking group designed to support brands in meeting their sustainability goals and ultimately becoming leaders of the next sustainable economy. Below are brands that have acted on this commitment and joined the SB Corporate Member Network.

All SB Corporate Members abide by the Member Policy and Guidelines. This policy clarifies what it means to participate in the SB Member Network and helps our members collectively reach a more sustainable economy faster. This document is fluid and we will continue to update it in accordance with evolving best practices.

Gold Members

“At AT&T, we are leveraging the power of our network to build a better tomorrow. Sustainable Brands is key to helping us deliver on this promise by being a critical resource to help us understand the shifting behavior of customers and to also bring stakeholders together that address these very complex issues. The Sustainable Brands team is smart, connected and a fun team to work with to build that better tomorrow…today.”

- Roman Smith, Director of Sustainability Operations, AT&T