Highlights from New Metrics '16

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Brand Innovation
by Jessica Day, November 30, 2016
Earlier this month at Sustainable Brands’ New Metrics ’16 conference, IdeaScale, Topcoder and SensisChallenges presented on the use of crowdsourcing to drive innovation and de-risk the execution...
New Metrics
by Nassy Avramidis, November 24, 2016
On the third and final day of New Metrics ’16, Paul Herman of HIP Investor gave us a to-do list: Ask ourselves if we are being extractive or innovative? Note that the Best Companies to Work For...
Marketing and Comms
by Sarah Andersen, November 23, 2016
There has been a millennial marketplace shift - the type of companies that this generation of consumers want to patronize - and work for - are companies that align with their personal values. How is...
New Metrics
by Tamay Kiper, November 22, 2016
Drawing on the work of Reporting 3.0 - in particular, its Reporting Blueprint and forthcoming Accounting Blueprint - this panel on the final afternoon of New Metrics ‘16 facilitated an animated...
Brand Innovation
by Nassy Avramidis, November 21, 2016
On Tuesday, day 2 of New Metrics ’16, Greg Norris of the International Living Future Institute, Jane Abernethy of HumanScale, John Pflueger of Dell, Johanna Jobin of Biogen and Daniel Aronson of...
New Metrics
by Nassy Avramidis, November 18, 2016
Day 2 of New Metrics ‘16 kicked off with a main stage presentation from Reputation Dividend director Sandra Macleod, who provided us with a broad overview of how social impact and other factors can...
Marketing and Comms
by Libby MacCarthy, November 18, 2016
Certification has, over the years, played a significant role in the development and execution of ethical supply chain programs across industries, providing frameworks within which brands can analyze...
Stakeholder Trends and Insights
by Libby MacCarthy, November 16, 2016
CSR schemes are standard fare these days. They’re essential and expected, but by no means do they guarantee a strong consumer response. The industry — and society as a whole — has evolved to the...
Brand Innovation
by Martin Rich, November 16, 2016
I’ve yet to meet a corporate CSO or sustainability team member who told me that they really look forward to filling in their annual sustainability questionnaires. In fact, the opposite is almost...
New Metrics
by Nassy Avramidis, November 15, 2016
On Monday, New Metrics ’16 opened on a hopeful note, despite the unrest following a volatile election season in the United States. Dimitar Vlahov, Sustainable Brands’ Director of Content Development...
New Metrics
by Sarah Andersen, November 15, 2016
New Metrics ‘16 launched on Monday with a sober yet hopeful tone, channeled through the research and work of culture designer Joe Brewer, as he led attendees through a dialogue around what he calls...
New Metrics
by Talia Arbit, November 15, 2016
You may have heard the common business aphorism, “people are our greatest asset.” CEOs such as Richard Branson — founder of the Virgin Group, and Anne Mulcahy — former CEO of Xerox, are among many...
New Metrics
by P.J. Marshall, November 15, 2016
The New Economy has begun. One year into a world where global leaders have agreed to act on 17 concrete Sustainable Development Goals, and where the full force of law is now behind the international...
Marketing and Comms
by Lara Koritzke, November 14, 2016
Throughout Sustainable Brands’ New Metrics ’16 event this week, I expect to hear a continual drumbeat of the need to measure impact. That is how it should be. As a panellist for the session on “...

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