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New Schick Razor Made from Recycled Plastic

Schick unveiled a new razor featuring packaging and handles made solely from post-consumer recycled material.

Schick’s Xtreme3 Eco razor uses recycled plastic processed by NextLife. NextLife says the carbon footprint of its resin is 70 percent less than that of a virgin resin and can be customized for use in a wide variety of applications, including consumer products.

The NextLife resin is derived from only post consumer plastic waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills where it can take decades to degrade. The use of NextLife resin for the production of the Schick razor is expected to save over 103,000 pounds of virgin plastic materials from being put in our landfills and save the energy equivalent to 28,840 gallons of gasoline.

“NextLife is proud to have our polypropylene resin used in a consumer product application that is unlike any other disposable razor in the market”, said Ronald Whaley, President and CEO of NextLife. “Schick’s effort in creating a product with recycled content is a very exciting initiative for the consumer products industry and more specifically for the personal care market. It’s great to see mainstream brands moving towards using recycled materials in their products.”

“If you can use a product that has a better impact on the environment, yet performs the same and looks the same as its original counterpart, the sustainable choice should always have the advantage,” added Whaley.

Bart King is a PR consultant and principal at Cleantech Communications.

Bart King is the principal and founder of New Growth Communications, a network of affiliated content producers and strategists serving clients in the emerging green economy. Follow him @bart_king and on LinkedIn.

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