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Office Depot and Earthera Launch Renewable Energy Partnership

April 8, 2010 – The office supply giant has teamed with EarthEra, a program of North America’s largest producer of wind and solar power, NextEra Energy Resources, to launch their “Greener Shipping” program – investing in EarthEra renewable energy products with money saved by participating businesses.

Through their new greener shipping program, Office Depot is encouraging its customers to eliminate small orders and order larger amounts less often. By increasing the average order size and reducing the frequency of deliveries to individual customers, the company will spend less money on fuel, delivery personnel and maintenance. They then plan on utilizing the money saved through the program to offer rebates on sustainable products to participating customers and investing in EarthEra products on the customer’s behalf.

To kickoff the program, Office Depot has decided to balance the entire estimated carbon-dioxide emissions associated with the Nascar Subway Fresh Fit 600 by purchasing Green-e Certified Products from EarthEra. Office Depot is helping the race "grow greener" by balancing the carbon footprint of not just the cars on the track, but fan travel, race team travel and track operations during the race. Due to the innovative structure of the EarthEra program, 100 percent of the revenue from Office Depot's purchase will be used to create new renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar, in the United States - thus helping the country transition to a greener and cleaner energy future.

Yalmaz Siddiqui, Director of Environmental Strategy for Office Depot said: "Our philosophy at Office Depot is that every step that individuals, businesses or sporting events take to 'grow greener' is a step in a positive direction. By involving our NASCAR sponsorship, we specifically wanted to move the dialogue on going greener away from its typical niche, to a much wider audience. In addition, like many global corporations with leading environmental programs, we also have a large segment of customers who are NASCAR fans. As part of our extensive effort to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we are proud to work with the NASCAR community to help continue its efforts to grow greener."

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