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Sustainable Brands Earth Day Round-up 2011: Safeway, Whole Foods & Mattel

With the arrival of Earth Day each year, most leading companies and consumer facing brands make the effort to communicate their sustainability accomplishments, goals for the coming years and new projects that are getting underway. Here are a few highlights from Safeway, Whole Foods, and Mattel from 2011.
Safeway Commits to Sustainable Seafood, Leads Greenpeace Sustainable Seafood Ratings
Safeway, one of the nation’s largest supermarkets, will begin implementing an ambitious new sustainable seafood plan in 2011 in conjunction with FishWise, a non-profit focused on improving the sustainability of seafood retailers, distributors, and producers. 
The retailer’s new program includes forming a sustainable seafood task force, working with suppliers, customer education and staff training. The company will also stop selling Chilean Sea Bass from the Ross Sea, one of the last pristine marine areas on earth and red-list fish such as blue fin tuna and shark.
Last week, Safeway’s new program and ambitions vaulted it to the top of the Greenpeace Seafood Sustainability Rankings.
Whole Foods Launches “Eco-Scale”; a Household Cleaning Products Rating System
On Thursday, Whole Foods Market introduced its newest eco-label, the Eco-Scale rating system for green household cleaning products. The company is calling the effort an industry first, rating products under a color scheme that is based on specific environmental and sourcing standards that each product meets.
The rating system – labelled “red-orange-yellow-green”, will be rolled out across the company and all cleaning category vendors will be required to meet the “orange” standards by Earth Day 2012, or risk being removed from Whole Foods shelves altogether.
In addition, all vendors will be required to list every ingredient in the product packaging, something current national legislation does not require. To ensure compliance, all products will be audited by a 3rd party before receiving a color rating and label.
Mattel Introduces New Global Sustainability Strategy
Mattel announced last week the platform that will drive the company’s sustainability strategy moving forward, dubbed “Design it, Make it, Live it.” 
The concept of the platform is to place the company’s sustainability activities into three broad areas. “Design it” will consist of product and packaging design, “Make it” will focus on operations efficiencies and reduced environmental impact through manufacturing and distribution and “Live it” will focus on personal commitment by supporting employee-led initiatives.

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