Sustainable Brands Issue in Focus
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Driving Behavior Change

Photo: Taken from Shelton Grp's "Wasting Water is Weird" campaign. A character named Rip the Drip represents the moment when using water becomes wasting water ... and he makes that moment feel really awkward.

Contribute to this channelShifting to a sustainable economy requires a new kind of brand-consumer partnership. As consumers begin to vote with their dollars for more innovative products and services that both delight the purchaser and support the long-term health of society, they help create competitive advantage for those brands that best deliver. Getting there requires convincing less conscious consumers that they can have their cake and eat it too (drive positive change and indulge their needs), and helping them learn how to choice-edit for the best personal, planetary and societal impact.

In this Issue in Focus, we explore the latest models supporting a shift toward sustainable consumption (collaborative consumption, dematerialization), and ways in which brands are engaging consumers to encourage more conscious, less wasteful behaviors.

Sally is Chief Executive at Forum for the Future, with overall responsibility for delivering Forum’s mission to accelerate a big shift towards a sustainable future by catalysing transformational change in global systems. This involves working with leading global… [Read more about Sally Uren]

Suzanne Shelton is CEO of Shelton Group, the nation’s leading marketing communications firm entirely focused in the sustainability and energy efficiency sectors. The company polls Americans on an ongoing basis to understand their drivers and obstacles to adopting more sustainable…
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