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Employee Buy-In: The Secret to Sustainability Success

Even the best and brightest corporate leaders with the clearest visions of their organization’s sustainability trajectory need the ongoing support and energy of their workforce to carry it forward - a variety of perspectives, strategies and lessons learned were presented during our Issue in Focus on the subject last month. A common theme was that an effective sustainability strategy will connect to the values and priorities of its employees; showing them the many ways increasing sustainability will directly impact them, along with embedding incentives across the organization (through adjusting reward structures, implementing environmental accounting by department, redesigning feedback loops), are two key ways to ensure the success of an initiative.

Don’t miss an informative discussion on “Incentivizing and Valuing Employee Engagement,” Friday afternoon, September 28 - day two of The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference. Moderated by Robert Kerr of Pure Strategies, this session presents cutting-edge, metrics-based innovation in ways to inspire and mobilize your workforce to further your company’s sustainability objectives - top-down as well as bottom-up. Learn how SAP achieved its highest employee engagement scores in five years in 2011, what REI has done to land a spot on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For list since 1998 (ranking #8 in 2012), and how both companies are using this momentum, along with innovation in environmental accounting and other supporting initiatives, to continue to improve on their sustainability goals.


Robert Kerr - Co-Founder & Principal, Pure Strategies
Kirk Myers - Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, REI 

Jim Sullivan - VP, Sustainability Management and Strategy, SAP


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