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Expanding the CFO Agenda: Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Core Strategy

A company’s sustainability goals have often been perceived as a competing interest to its financial goals. But as more and more companies are finding new ways to measure the ROI of their sustainability initiatives, see distinct improvements on their bottom lines, and experience positive returns on voluntary disclosure of various sustainability achievements, it's becoming clear that the interests of financial executives and their sustainability peers are no longer mutually exclusive. Furthermore, an ever-expanding group of investors is beginning to seriously consider sustainability performance in decisions on capital allocation.

As a result, CFOs find themselves under increasing amounts of pressure, both internal and external, to be able to understand sustainability drivers, devote resources to them and answer related questions from an informed set of stakeholders.

How can a company enable its CFO to see sustainability as central to his or her job? Join us on Friday afternoon, September 28, for “The CFO Agenda.” Lauralee Martin, the forward-thinking CFO & COO of Jones Lang LaSalle, will offer insights into the common questions that arise as sustainability managers attempt to create alignment with their companies’ core strategies. 

Here are some of the other fascinating discussions taking place at The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference - September 27-28 at The Wharton School in Philadelphia, PA:


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