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The Moment When Opportunity Explodes

Spurred by the global adoption of mobile technologies and social media, and fueled by global econonic uncertainty, tightening resources, a growing awareness of the connection between what we consume and our health and a deep search for meaning -- consumers around the world are realizing that our current patterns of consumption are no longer serving us -- and they are demanding a change. Increasingly emboldened by their power as citizen consumers, more and more of them are reexamining their expectations of the products and services they'll support going forward.  They are searching for a return to brands committed to autheticity and purpose.  They want to know the stories behind the goods they purchase and those who produced them. They're increasingly open to consuming collaboratively. To buying less, but buying better. There is a revolution brewing in the way we consume, and it is about to explode. It is a disruptive time to be in business.

And yet -- this is the moment when opportunity awaits. It is the time for businesses and brands to embrace change and innovate new models for delivering value -- to move past our focus on efficiency and to move forward toward effectiveness.  To step up to our potential as leaders of culture and stand up for encouraging aspirations in society that call for We over just Me first.  

The pioneers are already running with the ball. Patagonia is telling the world that we need to buy less and buy better. Molson Coors and Levi’s are reminding us to be respectful of our water resources. ZipCar is telling us to share our ride. Today's revolutions big and small will be branded. The question is - how will your brand play a role? 

Sustainable Brands is the place where sustainability, brand strategy, and design innovation professionals connect to form a community of learning and action committed to shaping a flourishing future. This year, SB’12 is the forum where the power of brand rises to embrace the opportunity that is presented to us in the revolution that is upon us.

At SB'12 you will learn:

  • What key trends are driving the shift toward sustainable consumption
  • What new business models are catching hold, and how these might be translated for your brand
  • What new tools are coming to market to help you be more sustainable, more transparent,  more credible
  • How to build brand communities driven by shared purpose, and more!

Join brand leaders who are already registering teams of people from companies including Unilever, Mars, Nestlé, Philips, Harley Davidson, Novozymes, BASF, UPS, Hewlette Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Levi's, 3M, Coca-cola, Molson Coors, Timberland and hundreds of others who are coming to San Diego, June 4-7, to re-energize, re-engage, and equip themselves with the knowledge, energy, tools and partnerships they will need in order to succeed in this 21st century revolution.  More than 1,000 global business leaders are expected to gather for this annual event. Join the community of leaders who are not only creating the sustainable business models for our future economies, but are working together to create the conditions for those models to succeed as well.

The Revolution will be branded.

Embrace the Opportunity!

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