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New Metrics: The Conversion Tool That Demystifies Sustainability Data

As more and more companies commit to embedding sustainability throughout their operations, the process of obtaining a comprehensive picture of their business’ impacts has led to a common quandary - how to make sense of the myriad types of data generated through sustainability initiatives, efficiency measures, and the like. 

Now a landmark tool, developed by software company Energy Points, eliminates the confusion by converting various units of measurement (BTUs, tons of CO2, gallons, kWh, etc) into one common denominator - energy per gallon, or the amount of energy it takes to generate one gallon of gasoline. 

Ory Zik, Founder & CEO of Energy Points, explained the tool in Fast Company in July: “It’s all about taking complex data and letting people compare in context, simply.” Thanks to this groundbreaking software, companies can conduct one-to-one comparisons of their resource consumption or sustainability initiatives, regardless of the original unit of measure, while accounting for factors specific to their particular business (e.g., water scarcity in the region), creating a benchmark against which to compare the success of various programs and impacts of their operation. 

On September 28 at The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference, Mr. Zik will take us through his company’s platform, which is enabling companies to analyze, communicate, contextualize and understand their total energy consumption in a whole new way.

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