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Proving the Business Case: How Kendall-Jackson and Becker Underwood Are Leading the Way

Demonstrating the ROI of a sustainability agenda can be a daunting, data-intensive task involving a variety of stakeholder groups. Thankfully, more and more examples of successful implementation and documentation of positive-ROI sustainability efforts are emerging - the heretofore elusive win-win for sustainability champions and decision-makers within organizations. 

Join us Wednesday morning, September 27, for “Two Case Studies on Measuring ROI,” as representatives from Kendall-Jackson winery and agrochemical giant Becker Underwood share an impressive arsenal of specific methodologies and results based on their dedication to quantification of sustainability efforts. From a global corporation-wide application of the Net Positive framework; to assigning exact monetary costs to every material and energy input, including water; to spinning off entirely new businesses thanks to overwhelmingly successful sustainability projects - this session promises to be a must-hear, leading-edge crash course on proving the business case for sustainability. 


Robert Boller - VP Sustainability & Production, Jackson Family Wines

Daniel Krohn - Global Sustainability Lead, Becker Underwood

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