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The SB Community Is Set To Convene in London - Why Should You Care?

The writing is on the wall — resource scarcity, increasing fuel costs, natural disaster-related supply chain disruptions, rising consumer awareness and expectations of business and more — all dictate that the brand leaders of the future will be sustainable brands. But building a market-leading sustainable brand can be a minefield: It takes more than just retooling your product to comply with stricter regulations, adding a “green is good” starburst on your label, or tacking on a cause-marketing campaign. It takes a new way of looking at the world, a new set of knowledge, skills and tools, and a new group of internal and external collaborators.

Over the past 7 years, a global community of sustainable brand builders has been slowly gathering to build a shared perspective of the market drivers and trends that are turning increasing public awareness of social and environmental challenges into the innovation opportunity for smart brands going forward. They are convening online; in member meetings at company headquarters such as Nestlé, Dell, Interface and others; and at ground zero for the Sustainable Brands community  the Sustainable Brands Conference, held each June in the US (this year 1300 innovators from 19 countries gathered)  to collaborate on crafting the skills, tools and partnerships required to execute a successful brand reboot in response to shifting market values worldwide. 

Companies across all market sectors and sizes are seizing the day, taking the lead by uncovering previously unrecognized consumer sentiment and introducing new brands that tap in  brands such as:

  • Chipotle, which grew nearly 24% last year while quietly driving a revolution in local, sustainable sourcing of its pork, poultry and other ingredients
  • Airbnb, the vacation rental phenomenon that has booked over 10 million rooms worldwide since launching in 2008 by capitalizing on the growing consumer demand for both cheaper, more authentic travel experiences and the need for new sources of income
  • BMW i, which has gone beyond incremental innovation (though it has laid down a gauntlet when it comes to designing an electric car) to rethink the underlying value proposition of its brand and expand to include services that range from car sharing to parking garages to mobile parking apps.

Innovation leaders from these companies and hundreds more  including Johnson & Johnson, 3M, UPS, BASF, Ford, Hewlett Packard, Levi Strauss, Lush, Kendall Jackson Wines, Starbucks, Molson Coors, Taylor Guitars, Walmart, Toshiba, Nokia and Nike  come to SB to share their successes, disclose the early failures that led to them, and spur each other on to think about how brands can become the heroes of the 21st century by leading the way to a better future.  

Now, for the first time, thanks to the generous support of Unilever – a global leader in leveraging sustainability as a platform for brand innovation – the community is convening outside the US, in London, to continue the global conversation. Sustainable Brands London Conference  will showcase some of the breakthrough sustainable brand success being delivered in the UK and across Europe by well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Kingfisher, Sainsbury’s, adidas, Philips, H&M, Mars and others with sustainable innovation success stories that have yet to be told. And it will debut lesser-known leaders such as Indiegogo, OAT Shoes, Positive Luxury, Replenish, BioMar and more. These brands will be joined by thought and practice leaders who are driving sustainable brand innovation forward – from Forum for the Future, SustainAbility, Dragon Rouge, Saatchi & Saatchi S, Ogilvy Earth and so many more – part of an unparalleled gathering of over 300 brand leaders set to share their goals, their struggles, their insights, and their partnerships that are helping to ensure success by pursuing both profit and social benefit.

Those who are already part of the Sustainable Brands family will tell you that the SB community is unlike any other – an open, trustworthy, passionate, creative network of unusual collaborators  and that participating in a Sustainable Brands Conference changes people. We are so grateful for the opportunity to convene this inspiring community of change-makers, and to be doing so for the first time in London in just 8 weeks.  Please consider making this the year you ask yourself how your brand can succeed by leading the way to a better future! Here is a link to the program: Click on session titles for a better sense of the conversation being teed up for each session. And to give you a better idea of the sort of inspiration you can expect, we’re pleased to offer a free download detailing some of the key insights and experiences shared at SB’12 in June. 

We guarantee you will receive real value for your investment of time and money; new ideas, solid strategies and tools, and new friends who can help you along your way. With a promise of your money back if you don’t agree with us, what do you have to lose? Will you join us today? Our team and our community look forward to welcoming you there!



Founder, Sustainable Brands

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