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Sustainable Brands is your Bridge to Better Brands

Marketers near and far will tell you that every brand needs a promise. Strong brands are built on delivering that promise. Taking it a step further, brands that dig deeper within and define a purpose for their existence have a greater chance at succeeding in the marketplace.  It’s not just about clarifying what a brand stands for, but asking the question, “why are we here?” It’s this process of understanding a brand promise, and what value it holds, that creates advantage. Of course, now a days, we could argue that brands WITH a purpose are the ones with competitive advantage. They are the brands we have come to know and love who are striving to create positive impact on our environment and in our societies. Consumers today are asking questions like “What is the role of brands?” and “Did this brand that I purchase actually impact my life in a positive way?” Better brands, as we call them, are the brands that will define success in our sustainable future.

I recently came across a quote from the Greek philosopher Aristotle, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross . . . there lies your calling.” A poignant quote, and one that speaks directly to us all at Sustainable Life Media as we ourselves look to clarify our brand promise and purpose.  We, too, must proceed down a similar pathway towards an understanding that many brands have taken before us as we ourselves aspire to become our own better brand.

In doing so, we have come to realize that our community of sustainability, brand, and design professionals are truly the inspiration behind Sustainable Brands - this learning, collaboration, and commerce community of forward-thinking professionals who are working to leverage sustainability as a driver of business and brand value.  What started out initially as a conference convening optimistic and passionate individuals in 2008 has now become a platform for global brands and companies who look to Sustainable Brands to inspire, engage, and equip them with information on how to profitably innovate for sustainability. Companies and individuals are looking for open, authentic, and straight conversation and, Sustainable Brands is the brand name that has created this space for many who are working to accelerate the successful shift to profitable, sustainable brands. It’s a space for systemic innovation, a space to share and tell each other’s stories, and a space to learn. Sustainable Brands is the bridge to better brands.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to make Sustainable Brands front and center stage. We want everyone already within the community better equipped to understand how we can help each other succeed in reaching goals. And, we want other passionate individuals and companies whose purpose is to deliver exceptional business performance AND shared value to be able to find the support they need at Sustainable Brands - support in the form of news and information, peer-to-peer networks and live events, E-learning and webinars, and other solutions resources. You’ll find our website URL has changed to but the news and information that you have come to rely upon is still the same. Don’t worry, Sustainable Life Media is not going away. We are still the integrated media company behind Sustainable Brands that seeks to cultivate communities of interest to facilitate shift towards a flourishing and sustainable economy. Learn more about the company and the dedicated staff members working to bring you Sustainable Brands. We hope to inspire you with our vision of the future beyond the role that brands play in shaping our culture towards a sustainable and healthy economy.

Where our talents and the needs of the global business community cross . . . there we will find our purpose. Our talent is bringing together the optimistic, visionary, and courageous individuals whose passion is to deliver exceptional business performance AND shared value. Let Sustainable Brands be your community and your bridge to better brands. 

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