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Using Nature's Technology to Make a Cleaner Planet

Today’s brands are facing a new kind of consumer; one who is no longer satisfied with the end-product alone, but also cares about what went into creating it. Research from Euro RSCG Worldwide shows a shift in both personal and consumer values, as people begin to rethink their values, how they wish to live and ultimately how they consume. Brands are finding themselves under attack by the seemingly nitpicky eye of this new consumer, facing criticism about their product’s most minute detail, including how and with what it’s made. Although brand managers might despair in the face of such relentless scrutiny, the new consumer’s sustainable spirit offers new opportunities for sustainable brands.

Imagine being able to use nature’s technologies to revolutionize the way we make things. Abandoning the use of environmentally-harmful chemicals and materials in favor of natural processes that will satisfy the new consumer’s demands and carry your brand into the new age of sustainability. Thanks to a leading biotech company, Novozymes North America, you can.

Novozymes is at the forefront of the revolution, using enzyme production to re-engineer thousands of everyday products that deliver enhanced sustainability performance at no extra cost. In other words, the company has found a way to fundamentally change the way countless brands are made, using naturally occurring processes to engineer the basic material inputs that make up everyday products. To date, Novozymes has successfully sent to market over 700 products in 130 countries. And the list keeps on growing.

This June, Adam Monroe, President of Novozymes, will speak at Sustainable Brands ’12 Conference in San Diego, CA about how advances in enzymes and microorganisms are helping sustainable brands by changing the way their products are made. By making industrial processes more like biological ones, everyday products can become more sustainable while remaining profitable at the same time.

A sustainability revolution is in full swing. Brand leaders are stepping up to serve as platforms for purpose by helping to redefine value and align multiple stakeholders and resources around solutions to some of today’s environmental and social concerns. Join other sustainability analysts, brand strategists, and design innovators who are working together to build business and brand value.  Register today to attend SB’12 and learn from companies like Novozymes, and many others, who are accelerating the pace of change towards a sustainable future.

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