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Is Your Company Using Happiness To Drive Success?

In the traditional, profit-driven model of business, money does, by definition, equal happiness. But as the focus for many organizations expands beyond profits to include a host of other factors (e.g., their environmental and social impacts), a satisfied workforce becomes a more reliable indicator of organizational well-being, and an important means to achieving true triple-bottom-line success.

Employee happiness surveys have grown in popularity since the rise of such assessments on a larger scale; countries including Bhutan, France and the UK have adopted a “happiness index” as an alternative prosperity measure to GDP, using the findings to help inform future policy. Applying this methodology to business, more and more organizations - including companies such as Zappos and Nestlé Purina - are correlating employee well-being levels to productivity, which in turn informs profitability.

Join us on Friday, September 28 - at day two of The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference - as Dr. Ryan Howell, Director of The Personality and Well-Being Lab, explores the design and use of Happiness Surveys as a Means To Uncovering Key Drivers of Well-Being, with potential applications in any community or company. Dr. Howell will examine appropriate goals and measures to adopt, and examine the implications this new global focus on happiness will have on the sustainable success of business


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