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Call for Content! SB Issues in Focus: Defining and Developing Personal and Brand Leadership

Calling all innovators and implementers! During the month of January 2012, Sustainable Life Media will be publishing a new “SB Issues in Focus” Editorial package, including daily features, interviews and case studies on the topic of “Defining and Measuring Personal and Sustainable Brand Leadership in 2012”

Topic overview: How is personal and brand leadership in sustainability evolving relative to where we want to go?  Are we setting the bar high enough? What is needed for market leaders to act in service of both thriving business and a flourishing world? 

This month we take a look at both the outer (market) and inner (meaning, purpose, spiritual) dimensions of leadership needed to take sustainability to the next level and drive the shift to a flourishing future.

As Guest Editors for the month, Andrew Winston, Winston Eco-Strategies, and Chris Laszlo, Sustainable Value Partners and associate professor at Case Western Reserve University, seek content to consider for publication as part of this package. This is a great opportunity to share your insights on what it will mean to be a sustainable brand leader in 2012.

Content Guidelines:

WHAT: Written (and/or audio and/or video) perspective on topics such as:

External dimension of personal and brand leadership: Market forces such as declining resources, radical transparency, and rising expectations are driving sustainable brand leadership to new levels in 2012. Who is responding to these market forces and taking cutting-edge leadership positions, pursuing “sustainability as flourishing” in contrast to incremental greening efforts aimed only at doing less harm? Green/Sustainable Brand leadership Index's and Awards: Strengths, weaknesses of each and how to respond to; Industries demonstrating the greatest leadership, what's supporting the momentum there, and what can be learned for other sectors. Other market drivers creating opportunity for new forms of leadership such as continued economic malaise, failure of governments to respond, #occupywallstreet and other indications of culture shift that open new opportunities for brands and brand leaders to step up/emerge, and/or a glance at the social innovation/entrepreneurship space for a view toward emerging avenues for heretical innovation inside global brands. Is it producing C2C products? Is it carbon neutral products?

Internal dimension of personal and brand leadership: How is a sense of personal meaning or purpose informing the task of leadership? What kinds of organizational mission/culture/values demonstrate leadership that produces competitive advantage and a better world? What principles can be identified that connect personal inner practice with the kind of breakthrough leadership and societal transformation needed to get us to a flourishing future, who can we hold us as examples of integral behavior in business leadership and what can we learn from their example. Our hypothesis is that such inner (meaning, purpose, spiritual) transformation can advance sustainability in business by fostering unity and a greater sense of interconnectedness with community and Nature; by providing access to inner wisdom that can inform business vision and innovation; by providing the desire, courage, and confidence to change the world; and by fostering a culture that attracts and satisfies employees and other stakeholders.

WHO: - All in the sustainable brand value chain. Those in brand leadership, as well as the supporting eco-system of thought leaders who contribute to help defining and developing business and brand leaders.

HOW: Contact our editorial department with your proposed idea, theme or case study. Email our editors at

WHAT: Maximum 600 words

Judging Criteria for Content:

Our readers are business leaders seeking information about how others are profitably innovating for sustainability. They seek insights and ideas that might be applied across market sectors about how to drive top line growth and shift toward sustainability across their value chains. We will evaluate your submissions based on currency of the example or idea presented, balance of perspective, strength of content, and delivered principles, based on specific experience that might apply to a variety of markets or product sectors.

Where appropriate, contributions from authors providing specific insights will be given highest priority.

Kick-off questions for the month are the following:

  1. What would you consider to be leadership in 2012 and beyond at the personal and brand levels?
  2. What are hurdles to achieving such leadership? (i.e. leadership aimed at a thriving business and a better world)?
  3. What are examples of heretical innovation for 2012 and beyond? What are leadership heresies in the following high-impact sectors: (1) the built environment? (2) transportation? and (3) food/agriculture?
  4. What does spirituality/ inner transformation mean for you? How does it show up in your organization, if at all?
  5. What do you see are the main business challenges and opportunities related to introducing spirituality in the workplace?
  6. What potential or opportunities do you see for greater spirituality to help catalyze sustainability?  Do you see opportunities in any of the following areas?
  • Fostering sense of unity and inter-connectedness
  • Providing the inspiration to take actions that improve the world
  • Accessing inner wisdom to inform vision and innovation
  • Promoting a culture that attracts and inspires employees and other stakeholders
  • Other:____________

Please Submit: A fully finished piece, or an OVERVIEW (one paragraph to one page) of your proposed piece for consideration. If selected by the Guest Editors and Sustainable Life Media, the full feature will be due 1 week before publish date. The feature or interview will be published during January 2011.

Thank you,

Thomas Miner
Executive Producer, Sustainable Life Media

An operations professional dedicated to developing competitive advantage through sustainable business strategies, Thomas’ specialties lie in driving operational efficiencies and project management. His experience ranges through a variety of industries including agriculture, renewable energies and online media. Professionally, his passions… [Read more about Thomas Miner]

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