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Sustainable Brands is home for the global community of business innovators who are shaping the future of commerce world wide. Since 2006, our goal has been to inspire, engage and equip today's business and brand leaders to prosper for the near and long term by leading the way to a sustainably abundant future. We do so by offering news and views from thought and practice leaders, live and on-line events, peer-to-peer learning groups, a robust resource library, a solutions provider directory and more -- all designed to help brand, sustainability and design innovation professionals, social entrepreneurs and the eco-system of value network partners who support them, discover, co-create and successfully execute on new opportunities to profitably innovate for sustainability.

Each of our channels covers a topic of significant interest to the global SB community and examines key challenges and opportunities for brands leading the shift to a prosperous future. We encourage you to contribute to the conversations through our social networks or in the comments section below any article. Editorial archives remain on our website and, together with our Digital Library, make for a terrific tool for researching best practices in continuing to build successful, sustainability-driven business.

If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to submit content, please drop us a line.

Chemistry, Materials & Packaging


Waste Not: Striving for Net Positivity


Brand Innovation: Aiming to Disrupt and Delight

Design experimentation and product innovation for sustainability would be impossible without underlying scientific advances coming out of research labs dedicated to chemical, mechanical and materials engineering. This channel covers green chemistry, new materials and fuels, GMOs and more – all in all, a remarkable set of leading indicators extending the realm of possibilities in meeting the world's needs.   In order to achieve true sustainability, we need an economy that renders the concept of waste obsolete – an economy that is at least circular, and at best regenerative or net positive. This channel synthesizes the inspiring momentum of the growing number of efforts directed at reducing, and ultimately eliminating, all kinds of waste.   In a business environment characterized by complexity, high speed and 24/7 visibility, it is more challenging and rewarding than ever to earn enduring trust and admiration. This channel explores sustainability as an innovation imperative for brands, highlighting opportunities for purpose-driven brand values, strategies and actions.


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Dupont Sorona

Marketing & Communications


New Metrics: Redefining the Value of Business


Products & Design

From our perspective, "brand" is who you are, what you do, how you do it, and only then, how you communicate it. This channel examines how today's leading brands are evolving in the area of sustainability marketing and communications through thought-provoking ads, creative mission marketing, social media campaigns and other successful stakeholder engagement.   If businesses are to succeed in tomorrow's economy, the metrics by which they define and measure success must evolve. This channel helps demystify many challenges around sustainability metrics by analyzing leading-edge New Metrics projects that are expanding the way business creates, quantifies, manages and reports the value it delivers.   While ambitious visions are essential to every sustainability journey, nothing brings lofty principles to life quite like already-existing, visible results. This channel introduces real, in-the-market products and services that deliver on sustainability promises. It also covers vital supporting design work powering innovation for sustainability on all fronts.

thinkPARALLAX   #newmetrics

Quantis / WAP Sustainability Consulting   #sustainabledesign  NewGen Surgical / Pure Strategies

Business Model Innovation


Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship


Organizational Change

Choosing the right path to sustainable customer delight is no trivial task. After all, you have to arrive at a business model that delivers on customer expectations AND is radical enough to make a dent in pressing sustainability challenges of the day. This channel discusses note-worthy principles, methodologies, processes and tools used in business model innovation around the globe.   All over the world, mission-driven entrepreneurs are bringing fresh, disruptive ideas to market in response to social, environmental and economic challenges. This channel chronicles some of our favorites, each representing a potentially game-changing offering that could dramatically alter the context in which it operates.   Getting employees united around a sustainability agenda pays dividends on many levels. It generates excitement, loyalty, creativity, productivity and, ultimately, profit. This channel shares creative strategies and tools leading practitioners are using to engage their teams in building motivated market-leading brands.
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Stakeholder Trends & Insights


Behavior Change


Collaboration & Co-Creation

With increasing awareness of both current and imminent crises, societies around the world are changing their attitudes, behavior and consumption patterns. Through a variety of survey data, ethnographic studies, expert reports, white papers and other analyses, this channel tracks all types of stakeholder engagement with brands' environmental and social sustainability programs.   Shifting to a sustainable economy requires a new kind of brand-customer relationship – one that enables choice-editing for the best personal, societal and planetary impact, all while indulging customers in delightful products and services that meet their needs. This channel focuses on the latest developments supporting a shift toward sustainable consumption, as well as specific ways brands are encouraging less wasteful behaviors.   Driving the systemic changes necessary for us to flourish – both as people and as businesses – requires more capabilities than any organization, regardless of size, can achieve alone. It requires new types of partnerships, be they cross-functional, cross-sector, or otherwise inclusive of all necessary expertise. This channel follows the growing amount of collaborative work bringing about massive, disruptive, needed shifts to business-as-usual.

Defining the Next Economy


ICT and Big Data


Supply Chain & Procurement

While many recognize that capitalism is significantly flawed, coming up with a practical, alternative economic framework that fixes all bugs has proven a mammoth challenge. This channel is devoted to the brilliant minds making progress in 'changing the game' by identifying viable features of a thriving global economy delivering health, dignity and happiness to all involved. Here's to the next economy.   Few things generate more media buzz these days than the promises of Big Data analytics, or advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) in general. Virtually every industry is watching closely, and a lot is at stake for many tech-dependent business processes. This channel sheds light on key applications in sustainability-related work, whether in operations, manufacturing, supply chain logistics, predictive customer analytics, or life cycle analysis.   Creating efficient, healthy, resilient and transparent supply chains is central to any corporate sustainability journey. This channel tackles the myriad issues that can arise in any supply chain, and treats them as either risks or opportunities, depending on the ways they are being managed. In addition, it tracks news relevant to purchasing and procurement, including government policies, technical possibilities, and market conditions that are influencing both buyers and sellers.

Domtar / Ecovadis

Blazing the Trail: Leadership, Intrapreneurship & Ethics





Directing a company to sustainable long-term success takes a forward-looking allocation of resources, a holistic systems-aligned strategy, and – by necessity – a new set of skills. This channel highlights exemplary cases of leadership and intrapreneurship, along with the ethical principles or dilemmas they raise.   The global cleantech industry – including, but not limited to, alternative energy generation – is growing by the minute and holds the answers to many corporate sustainability questions. This channel takes us on a journey through the diverse set of cleantech applications and explains how the latest products and services tackle problems around energy, water, waste, transportation, ecosystem monitoring, population dynamics, social tensions and behavior change.   Most people know not to judge a book by its cover, but we can't say the same about products and packaging. In fact, not only do customers and other stakeholder sometimes judge a product by its packaging, but often a significant chunk of the environmental and social impacts associated with products stem from their packaging. This channel highlights companies, materials and processes that are revolutionizing the traditional, often wasteful, approach to packaging products.
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