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The Future of Zero Waste

I love good food, so I’ve always shared recipes and compared notes with foodie friends on the latest new restaurants. But as I’m getting older, I’m finding that I need to compare notes with new friends. Friends who are counting calories. Friends who are going vegetarian. Friends who have joined Weight Watchers. Friends who are in running groups, and are helping each other achieve their goals.

Luckily for me, it’s been easy to make these new friends using online tools. Weight Watchers has applications that help track how I’m doing towards my personalized goals,  making suggestions on what I should eat, and keeping me in touch with my new friends who are on the same path even if they are half way across the country. And Nike has an application that not only helps me log the miles I’m running, but also makes it easy for my new friends to encourage me just at the very moment I’m starting to lose steam. My friends that are competitive runners and triathletes get different tips and suggestions than I do, and they can even compete against each other in real time with these new tools.  

Can you imagine your company going on a ‘zero waste’ diet with tools like this? Suddenly you can see how the company’s zero waste efforts stack up to others in your industry, or your geography. You automatically get tips personalized based on the materials your company uses and the waste it generates. You can get involved in private or public communities of peers from around the world working on specific problem areas. And not only do these tools make it easier to accelerate your goals, but they also drive direct, measurable ROI.

If your company is working on zero waste, it probably drives you crazy every time you see a competitor make an announcement about achieving the goal. You probably think, that’s not apples to apples. How are they doing that? Are they counting XYZ? They must be paying a fortune. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one independent platform that many organizations used so that you could really get a true view of where you stand, and get up to the minute data on fair market prices for your valuable commodities?

Maybe your company is already involved in regional or industry working groups. But, are they really collaborating on the specific issues that are most pressing to you, or are you just participating for sake of participating?

At RecycleMatch, we think the future of zero waste is pretty exciting. Today, enterprise organizations are using our software platform to collaborate and work together within the community of their own organizations and supply chains. Others are thinking of communities in a different way – using our platform to power regional or industry based groups.  Certainly each company controls their own privacy settings, but by using a shared platform they can compete and collaborate at the same time.  The future of zero waste means it will be easy to see how you stack up, easy to know what you can do immediately, and easier to get involved in taking control of your biggest challenges.  

Brooke Farrell is Founder and CEO of RecycleMatch, the first software company empowering enterprise organizations to accelerate their zero waste efforts while maximizing the economic value of their recyclables and byproducts. RecycleMatch was named Entrepreneur Magazine’s Brilliant… [Read more about Brooke B Farrell]

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