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Issues in Focus Archive

Thank you for visiting the archive of our monthly SB Issues in Focus editorial series. On this page you will find links to all our previous issues, which began last October. In each issue you will find a month's worth of analysis on the topic from experts in our community, news coverage, social media links and discussions, interviews with experts and much more.

If you have questions, would like to contribute to a future Issue in Focus, are interested in sponsoring an Issue, or just have a comment for us, use the contact form on the right and we will get back to you shortly. Thanks for visiting!

July 2012 - Employee Engagement

Hunter Lovins

Guest Editor: Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions


Nothing conveys brand like an engaged employee. Nothing conveys a sustainable brand like employees whose day jobs involve implementing their company's commitment to greater responsibility. Integrating your sustainability program with a strategy to inspire your workforce can drive your innovation. Purpose-driven businesses generate excitement, loyalty, creativity, productivity and profits. This month we explore some outstanding stories, creative strategies and tools for engaging your team in building the integrity of your market-leading sustainable brand.

June 2012 - Activating Sustainability

Jesse MayhewLukas Snelling

Guest Editors: Jesse Mayhew and Lukas Snelling, Brave One Agency


Sustainability…Activate! If only it were that easy!'s editorial Issue in Focus for the month of June is Activating Sustainability: Engaging Consumer Commitment, Ownership, and Investment in Sustainable Brands. We want to hear what the most effective, innovative strategies you have seen brands adopt to create shared value in consumers, ignite their base, and inspire a firm commitment to sustainability in their target demographic.

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May 2012 - Information Technology as a Platform for Sustainable Innovation

Bart KingMarc Alt

Guest Editors: Bart King, Cleantech Communications and Marc Alt, Open Source Cities


In the first decade of the 21st Century, Information Technology laid a new foundation for business as usual, changing the way we communicate with stakeholders and the way we collect data. Now, the analysis of our "big data" is beginning to yield opportunities for improving the efficiency of operations and gaining insights to consumer behavior. Increased monitoring and optimization of flow networks for electricity, water and transportation have the potential to create massive resource savings, while software and virtual collaboration tools are bringing ever greater human resources to bear on the challenges of sustainability.

April 2012 - Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Guest Editors: Carl Frankel, Green Futures Magazine and Tamara Giltsoff, Abundancy Partners


A new model for doing business—and doing good—is making its mark in the business and non-profit worlds. It’s called social enterprise, and it uses earned-income strategies—good ol’ capitalist methods, in other words—to fulfill a social mission.

Most social entrepreneurs have their own company, along with big dreams. Sometimes, though, their work unfolds inside big corporations that have blessed their non-traditional efforts, in which case their challenges are somewhat different, along with their designation—they’re called social intrapreneurs. Either way, achieving parity between the social and financial mission is a new game with new rules.

March 2012 - Communicating Sustainability

Guest Editors: Marc Stoiber, Marc Stoiber Enterprises and Sandy Skees, Cohn & Wolfe


Heart. Complexity. Purpose. Issues. Profit. Inspiration. Reputation. These are many of the dimensions that today’s sustainable brands must include as they create, construct and implement the transparent communications that is required in today’s marketplace. How are brands, the storytellers of commerce, changing the way they dialogue with myriad stakeholders who have deep interest in the social, environmental and financial vectors that “better brands” are increasingly addressing?

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February 2012 - Rethinking Waste

Guest Editor: Joe Laur, Senior Partner at Seed Systems, Former Director for Content at Waste Management


 At SB'11, Ian Yolles, CMO of RecycleBank noted that in order to move to a Cradle to Cradle world, we need to remove the word 'waste' from our vocabulary. That's a tall order, and of course there are many other steps along the way. This month we chronicle the inspiring momentum taking place on many planes in the march to eliminate waste from our vocabulary.

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January 2012 -Defining and Developing Personal and Brand Leadership

Guest Editors:  Andrew Winston, Winston Eco-Strategies, and Chris Laszlo, Sustainable Value Partners


How is personal and brand leadershio in sustainability evolving relative to where we want to go?  Are we setting the bar high enough? What is needed for sustainability to lead both to thriving business and a flourishing world? This month we take a look at both the outer (market) and inner (meaning, purpose or spiritual) dimensions of leadership and their role in driving the shift to a flourishing future.

November 2011 - Green Chemistry and Bio-Based Materials

seetha KammulaKevin Williams

Guest Editors: Seetha Kammula of Simply Sustain and Kevin Williams of Pure Branding


Today, the word “chemicals” is very divisive. Those inside the “fence” (producers and chemists) see themselves as responsible people who work hard to make lives better, healthier and more comfortable. Amongst many outside the fence, the chemicals raises fear, anxiety and suspicion. How can green chemistry bridge this divide and pave the way for sustainable growth?

October 2011 - Redefining Value: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Success

Guest Editors: R. Paul Herman and Nick Gower of HIP Investor



Sustainable Brands Issues in Focus, powered by HIP Investor as guest editor, is pleased to share stories and information about innovations in strategic, operating and financial metrics that are being tested and used in organizations today to drive competitive advantage, growth, efficiency, financial strength – and a better world. The leaders you see here – from Puma and PwC; Coca-Cola and OxFam; Dow and The Nature Conservancy; Campbell’s Soup; SAP – are ensuring their long-term survival and success by embracing measurement of all dimensions of their impact on business and society.

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