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Employee Engagement - Make It Personal, Make It Stick: Creating a Culture of Sustainability


Hunter Lovins

Nothing conveys brand like an engaged employee. Nothing conveys a sustainable brand like employees whose day jobs involve implementing their company's commitment to greater responsibility. Integrating your sustainability program with a strategy to inspire your workforce can drive your innovation. Purpose-driven businesses generate excitement, loyalty, creativity, productivity and profits. This month we explore some outstanding stories, creative strategies and tools for engaging your team in building the integrity of your market-leading sustainable brand.

We will include perspectives on how the most effective, innovative brands are inspiring, educating, and engaging their employees around sustainability from market leaders such as Levi's, Aveda and Chipotle.

We will also hear organizations large and small discuss what best practices exist today, how many companies can improve and expand their engagement programs, and how engaged employees are critical to building and monetizing brand value.

Content for these topics will be published daily, so be sure to check back often. And please, don't hesitate to join the conversation!

This month's guest editor: Hunter Lovins of Natural Capitalism Solutions

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