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Employee Engagement - Make It Personal, Make It Stick: Creating a Culture of Sustainability

Sustainable Life Media’s editorial Issue in Focus for the month of June is Employee Engagement, Make It Personal, Make It Stick: Creating A Culture Of Sustainability. We would like to publish your thoughts, interviews, and case studies on how leading companies are making employee engagement “sticky”.

We want to hear what the most effective, innovative strategies you have seen brands adopt to inspire, educate, and engage their employees around sustainability. What programs are leading companies employing? How are they measuring impact?

Suggested Topics Include:

  • How can you measure and track the impact of employee engagement programs?
  • What medium works best when it comes to engaging and educating employees on sustainability?
  • How do you build a program that engages all employees even dissenters? 
  • What have been some failed attempts/lessons learned when it comes to engaging employees around sustainability?
  • Does the carrot beat the stick, best ways to drive sustainability adoption?
  • How does nature do employee engagement?

We invite anyone with experience and expertise in activating sustainability to send the editorial department your 600-word submission or an overview of the piece at editor (at) Video and audio submissions are also welcome. readers seek insights and ideas that can be applied across market sectors, and want to learn new and effective strategies for activating sustainability in a way that supports brands dedicated to a better world. We will evaluate your submissions based on currency, balance of perspective, and strength of content.

Our Guest Editor for June is: Hunter Lovins, President and founder of the Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS).

Thomas Miner
Execuve Producer

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