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Activating Sustainability

lukas snellinglukas snellingSustainability…Activate!

If only it were that easy!'s editorial Issue in Focus for the month of June is Activating Sustainability: Engaging Consumer Commitment, Ownership, and Investment in Sustainable Brands. We would like to publish your thoughts, interviews, and case studies on how leading brands are inspiring both emotional and intellectual commitment in their markets.

We want to hear what the most effective, innovative strategies you have seen brands adopt to create shared value in consumers, ignite their base, and inspire a firm commitment to sustainability in their target demographic. How are leading brands going above and beyond the standard methods of tracking and reporting their sustainability efforts to fully establish brand equity, affinity, and trust? 

We will be publishing content for these topics daily, so be sure to check back often. And please, don't hesitate to join the conversation.

This month's guest editors: Jesse Mayhew and Lukas Snelling of Brave One Agency

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