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Issue in Focus: Information Technology

Bart KingMarc Alt

In the first decade of the 21st Century, Information Technology laid a new foundation for business as usual, changing the way we communicate with stakeholders and the way we collect data. Now, the analysis of our "big data" is beginning to yield opportunities for improving the efficiency of operations and gaining insights to consumer behavior. Increased monitoring and optimization of flow networks for electricity, water and transportation have the potential to create massive resource savings, while software and virtual collaboration tools are bringing ever greater human resources to bear on the challenges of sustainability.

This month we highlight how some of these technologies have impacted businesses and communities and what it means for the future. We will hear from companies like SAP on the connection between Big Data and sustainability goals; Symantec will explain how IT is helping leading brands maintain the competitive advantage on innovation; and EnergyPoints will explore how all of this has changed the process of reporting.

We will be publishing content for these topics daily, so be sure to check back often. And please, don't hesitate to join the conversation.

This month's guest editors: Bart King and Marc Alt

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