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New Metrics: Redefining the Value of Business

The Intrinsic Value Exchange has created the first-ever "Natural Trading Platform," designed to value natural and societal assets just as existing global exchanges and financial markets value companies and commodities such as oil, gas, corn and gold. | Image credit: Intrinsic Value Exchange

Contribute to this channelIf businesses are to succeed in tomorrow’s economy, the metrics by which they define and measure success must evolve. This channel helps demystify many challenges around sustainability metrics by analyzing leading-edge New Metrics projects that are expanding the way business creates, quantifies, manages and reports the value it delivers.

R. Paul Herman* created the HIP (Human Impact + Profit) methodology for entrepreneurs, companies and investors worldwide to realize how quantifiable sustainability can drive financial performance.
Herman advises investors, designs HIP portfolios, and manages the HIP 100 Index -- all… [Read more about R. Paul Herman]

Nick's experience has centered around socially and environmentally focused investment management, analysis, and outreach. At HIP investor Nick manages corporate and private venture evaluations and related consulting, client development and market research, and industry-wide awareness-building. Prior to HIP, Nick consulted…
[Read more about Nick Gower]

As an internationally recognized expert on sustainability context, online stakeholder engagement, and sustainability communications, Bill Baue designs systemic transformation. He's co-founder of a number of companies and initiatives:

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