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Waste Not
by Joe Iles, May 5, 2016
The circular economy represents a fundamental shift in the way resources, energy and information flow through our economy. A key characteristic of this framework is that products and components...
The Next Economy
by Sustainable Brands, May 5, 2016
AkzoNobel and agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun have partnered to develop novel products from cellulose side streams resulting from sugar beet processing. The partnership will combine Royal...
by Sustainable Brands, May 5, 2016
Robots farmers; intelligent crop monitoring; vertical city farms; algae- or lupine-based ingredients; and sustainable methods for growing, nutrient extraction and waste valorization – if the latest...
Products and Design
by Hannah Furlong, May 4, 2016
Brussels-based association Zero Waste Europe is developing a project to empower community groups across Europe to challenge wasteful products and facilitate stakeholder collaboration on their...
Chemistry and Materials
by Sustainable Brands, May 4, 2016
In 2025, there is one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish in the oceans, and in 2050 the weight of plastic has overtaken that of fish. While the cause of this future scenario would largely be...
by Sustainable Brands, May 4, 2016
Two airports in London, Heathrow and Gatwick, earned multiple certifications to the Carbon Trust Standard for their exceptional environmental performance. Heathrow has become the first airport in the...
Organizational Change
by Coro Strandberg, May 4, 2016
It was the mid-‘90s. The Board of Directors at Vancity – a large regional financial institution based in Vancouver, Canada – was struggling to get management’s attention on its social purpose agenda...
by Sustainable Brands, May 3, 2016
An estimated 3,300 acres on oat farms that supply oats for Honey Nut Cheerios will soon provide new dedicated, flower-rich habitat for pollinators. General Mills is partnering with the Xerces Society...
by Sustainable Brands, May 3, 2016
Danish utility company DONG Energy is offering renewable electricity to business customers in the United Kingdom for “no additional premium” compared to “brown energy” sources. In an announcement...
Marketing and Comms
by Carla Tavares, May 3, 2016
The environmental and social benefits of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification are proven, as the organisation works to ensure sustainable use of forest products. But a recent WWF study has...
Supply Chain
by Hannah Furlong, May 3, 2016
Do Europeans have unreasonable expectations for the agriculture industry? New poll results suggest that 91 percent of consumers think food should remain affordable, but just 54 percent think that...
by Nassy Avramidis, May 2, 2016
As the pursuit of sustainability in business becomes more mainstream, it is intersecting with burgeoning and cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the way we interact with our planet, our...
by Siri Andrews, May 2, 2016
It's time once again for the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SBIO) — our annual competition for startups that positively impact people, planet and profit, sponsored by Target — and we’re excited...
by Hannah Furlong, May 2, 2016
The local food movement has thrived in recent years, bolstered by consumers’ growing concerns over what is in their food and where it came from – and startups are jumping at the opportunities it...
Waste Not
by Mike Hower, May 2, 2016
Tomatoes are useful for a lot of things — mixing into salads, adding nutritional value to cheeseburgers, lobbing at struggling standup comics, and even making plastic for car parts. But a team of...
by Thorsten Pinkepank, April 29, 2016
As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF has products in all kinds of industries; it employs 112,000 employees globally, services a variety of customers, and has relationships with shareholders...
Chemistry and Materials
by Hannah Furlong, April 29, 2016
The ocean’s value has been estimated as high as $24 trillion, yet despite its inherent connections to the health and well-being of wildlife, humans, and the global economy, it continues to be...
Products and Design
by Fred Richards, April 29, 2016
In 2010, I wrote a piece on sustainability. At the time, my point of view was that it’s a challenge too big and too complex for governments alone; particularly with the financial growth of nations...
New Metrics
by Perry Goldschein, April 29, 2016
Materiality is murky – especially when it comes to sustainability. Reporting on material issues in the financial context has been legally required for decades and is widely understood. It is less...
Business Models
by Phillip Haid, April 28, 2016
For all the talk about the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the truth of the matter is most executives don’t believe it drives direct bottom line business benefit, or that it...
by Sustainable Brands, April 28, 2016
The Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards, now in its third year, has attracted the highest number of entries to date. The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL),...
Waste Not
by Hannah Furlong, April 28, 2016
‘Fast fashion’ holds a prominent position in the apparel industry despite the many problems associated with it, from labor conditions to clothing waste. In the three years since the tragic Rana Plaza...
by Sustainable Brands, April 28, 2016
The second edition of Sustainable Brands Barcelona is taking place the 22nd-24th of May. Sandra Pina, director of the event and partner of the consultancy firm Quiero salvar el mundo...
by Hannah Furlong, April 27, 2016
Two of America’s most well-known yogurt brands are taking unconventional approaches create stronger ties with some of their stakeholders. Dannon is implementing a new supply system that allows the...
Marketing and Comms
by Hannah Furlong, April 27, 2016
Climate change has slowly become more of a partisan issue over the last few decades, fuelling heated debates despite the scientific consensus (and, quite often, about whether there is in fact a...
Products and Design
by Jennifer Elks, April 27, 2016
Global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland prides itself on its commitment to innovate and operate in an accountable and responsible manner — in terms of its products, the communities in which it...
Behavior Change
by Daniel Vennard, April 27, 2016
In 2004 I was on my knees scrabbling through the Cameroon rainforest. A keen botanist, I’d signed up as a volunteer with an NGO to help map the forest and search for new species. One day whilst...
Brand Innovation
by Matthew Yeomans, April 26, 2016
Food dominates our lives; it influences our health and has becomes a defining theme of 21st-century popular culture. No wonder then that the sustainability issues that influence the things we eat and...
Waste Not
by Hannah Furlong, April 26, 2016
Campaigns near and far have been educating people on the – well, wastefulness – of food waste. Bad for both our wallets and the environment, the amount of food that is purchased by consumers only to...
Stakeholder Trends and Insights
by Sustainable Brands, April 26, 2016
Price remains one of the biggest draws for American consumers. Results from a recent Associated Press-GfK poll show that the vast majority of Americans say they prefer lower prices instead of paying...
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deloitteLeveraging CDP Data to Drive Business Value

According to the 2011 Carbon Disclosure Project Report, companies in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership and Performance Index delivered approximately double the total return of Global 500 companies between January 2005 and May 2011, suggesting a strong correlation between good climate change disclosure and higher financial performance. This session from last year's New Metrics conference details how best in class companies such as Diageo and Hess are using analytics provided by the CDP Reporter Services program to assess and maximize their return on investment from cost-saving greenhouse gas reduction activities and strategic business opportunities.


CSRHUB is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) ratings tool that allows managers, researchers, consultants, academics and activists to track the CSR and sustainability performance of major companies. CSRHUB aggregates data from more than 125 sources to provide its users with a comprehensive source of CSR information on nearly 5,000 publicly traded companies in 65 countries. CSRHUB is a B Corporation and is offering Sustainable Life Media readers a 40% one month membership discount when they subscribe with discount code “SLMFRIEND40”.

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