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New Wayfinder Tool Helps Brands Find Powerful Purpose — Not Just ‘Nice’ Ones

Image Credit: Given London

Brand purpose consultancy Given London is making it easier than ever for businesses to identify and act upon a purpose beyond profit — and thereby stay competitive in an ever-changing economic landscape — with its new Wayfinder tool.

According to Given London, brands such as M&S, Innocent and Dove have saved millions and captured the hearts and minds of consumers by adopting an integrated, ‘make a difference’ approach to sustainability, but the strategy may not necessarily be effective or even appropriate for every kind of business. Businesses don’t have to rely on a one-dimensional approach or having purpose being embedded in their DNA in order to develop a solid brand purpose.

The Wayfinder tool demonstrates the dimensions of ‘purpose’ and shows how any brand can find an impactful purpose that is right for both its business and customers. The tool is based on the science of human motivation and uses this to illustrate 12 diverse brand purpose approaches which will positively engage customers and other key stakeholders.

Approaches include meaningful adventure, status through substance and tough love. The tool also includes case studies of brands who have used similar sustainability messaging to bring purpose alive for their audiences. The tool shows how by using only traditional sustainability motivators, such as being collaborative, harmonious or ‘nice’, an array of other powerful, human motivations are missed which apply to whole customers groups and brand styles.

“Brand purpose is not about brand identity. It is about companies using their influence and power to make positive changes in the world. In an age where social media means brands must be more transparent than ever and consumer mistrust is often the default position, brand purpose is a powerful agent for business growth and stability and we believe it is viable for every brand — from M&S and The Body Shop to Lynx and Nike,” said Becky Willan, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Given London. “The key is authenticity. It is about actually doing something — not just talking about it — and finding a purpose which fits your brand personality. We hope our Wayfinder tool will help brands to do this.”

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