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Waste Not: Striving for Net Positivity

Applied CleanTech’s Sewage Recycling System (SRS) converts the bio-solids found in wastewater into Recyllose — a sterilized product based on cellulose extracted from the wastewater, which is automatically packed into a reusable commodity and transported to paper, construction, plastic and energy industries. | Image credit: Applied CleanTech

In nature, we do not critique abundance; rather, we celebrate it. Every by-product of every organism is used for the next process of life. Nothing is wasted — “waste” equals food.

More and more emphasis is being placed on reducing humans’ collective environmental impact to zero. However, this idea goes against the human desire to produce and create and shames larger organizations for their impact on the planet. But by rethinking our processes and being more strategic with design and materials, we too can achieve net positivity.

Who is leading the charge in developing products with this circular economy and use of materials in mind? What innovations are taking place? Are merely the visionary leaders engaging in this practice or has it crossed into mainstream product manufacturing and lifecycle management? How do we demonstrate value of such a system and what is the economic benefit?

This Issue in Focus we highlight the opportunities organizations are taking at every step of the product life cycle to limit the negative impact they have on the environment. From innovations in how products are packaged to post-use recovery efforts to partnerships that maximize both environmental and financial impact, these agencies are truly leading the way in achieving net positivity. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on #wastenot.

A long-time advocate for “doing the right thing,” Lewis Perkins is a champion for sustainability – personally and professionally.  Prior to joining the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Lewis consulted to companies both big and small on creating programs… [Read more about Lewis Perkins]

Jenni B. Baker is Goodwill Industries International’s online editor, specializing in producing content for the web. She has over five years of experience managing and implementing digital communications across a variety of channels, including websites, blogs, e-newsletters and social media…
[Read more about Jenni Baker]

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