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Welcome to the SB Downloads page! Here you can access reports, audio packs, and more - valuable learning tools whether you're new to sustainability or leading the charge.

2016 Sustainability Leaders Survey  NEW
  A GlobeScan/SustainAbility collaboration in partnership with Sustainable Brands asked 907 stakeholders in business, government, NGOs and academia across 84 countries to evaluate the progress that the private sector, NGOs and national governments have made in recent years and reflect on their expectations for the near future. Respondents identified key drivers of sustainable business leadership and named specific companies, NGOs and national governments perceived as current leaders around the world.  
5 Trends Leading to Purposeful Innovation in Europe  NEW
  This report showcases the purposeful innovation is that is arising out of these megatrends, how companies are harnessing the power of change, the growth of key new partnerships and tools, and examples of how companies big and small are reacting.  
NGOs Leading the Way on Sustainable Development Goals 
  At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, world leaders adopted a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change by 2030. One key way to scale corporate social and environmental programs and implement the SDGs is to partner with organizations that are already building traction and strong foundations in reaching the goals. To help the SB community build the strongest and most effective partners, we've compiled a list of NGOs that are each focused on the 17 SDGs.  
Integral Thinking & True Materiality 
  In this complimentary resource, based on leveraging the work of the ThriveAbility Foundation, the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR), the Reporting 3.0 and New Metrics platforms, as well as other interactions within the global Sustainable Brands community, author Ralph Thurm lays out his vision for how integral thinking and true materiality can catalyze a regenerative and inclusive economy. We hope you will find this resource useful in your own journey toward a flourishing future!  
AT&T’s Eco-Ratings Empower Customers
  In 2012, AT&T unveiled the Eco-Ratings labels to provide consumers insight into the environmental details of AT&T-branded devices. Eco-Ratings started out as a way to engage customers and begin the conversation around environmental aspects of the products but, as the rating system evolved, it has influenced and encouraged factories and suppliers to innovate and improve their impacts, as well. Fast forward to today, Eco-Ratings system became a fundamental component of the company's sustainability and business strategy to engage consumers.  
12 Ways Brands Can Respond to Increasing Demand for Purpose-Driven Products and Services   
  This handpicked series of highlights points to some of the most valuable content for the benefit of the entire Sustainable Brands community, arranged in a logical order that helps answers the questions surrounding the increasing demand for purpose-driven products and services. You will find key new insights shared through video, audio, slides and other resources to further your learning. We hope the thought leadership and case studies referenced inspire new ideas and help you contribute to a more sustainable economy for all of us.  
Hairshirts, Rattlesnakes, and Shoelaces: Toward A Net Positive Movement  
  Net Positive is an emerging concept and practice in corporate sustainability that is inspiring companies to transform their business models to design negative social and environmental impacts out of their products and processes, while simultaneously optimizing positive social and environmental impacts. As this movement burgeons globally, key players in the ecosystem convened a virtual dialogue over 5 days in early September 2015 to discuss key challenges and opportunities for further building the movement.  
100 Powerful Consumer Insights Quotes  
  To help the Sustainable Brands community find and articulate evidence that customers are willing to shop for more sustainable options, we have compiled a complimentary report listing 100 compelling customer insights from leading researchers, including MIT Sloan, National Geographic, Accenture, Nielsen, GlobeScan, and more. Such a collection not only delivers immediately-digestible market intelligence, but it also shares links to the full studies for a more comprehensive review of the underlying data.  
How to Optimize Brand Strategy, Marketing & Communications in Support of Sustainable Products and Services Now
  How can brands both evolve for sustainability and help build a better future for all of us? New evidence is proving that purpose-driven brands are not only alive, but also becoming essential to surviving and thriving in a new economy. In this collection of case studies, you will find key new insights and best practices from brands such as HEINEKEN, Target, Procter & Gamble, Chobani, New Balance, Unilever, AT&T, and more, as they demonstrate how to successfully drive innovation for sustainability.  
The New Financial Metrics of Sustainable Business: A Practical Catalog of 20+ Trailblazing Case Studies
  Sustainable Brands continues to aggregate, digest and share leading-edge approaches to conceiving and applying new metrics that allow business leaders to capture entirely new forms of business value, or quantify previously ignored economic, social and environmental impacts and opportunities. Here is a collection of more than 20 case studies around practical new financial metrics, that include compelling examples from Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Microsoft, SAP, Kering, MGM Resorts, HP, Procter & Gamble, and more.  
Reaching New Heights in Sustainability
  Case studies allow us to examine a company and its experience with a specific business challenge. As a learning and collaboration community devoted to providing diversity of insights and ideas, Sustainable Brands brings you a collection of case studies devoted to sharing solutions and results from leaders in the community. Learn from Chipotle, HP, Lipton, Desso and Levi’s as you discover how companies are addressing certain business challenges and the results they have achieved.  
50 Powerful Consumer Insights Quotes  
  Shifting societal demand and behavior in favor of more sustainable products and services is one of the most challenging — and promising — opportunities for brands today. Doing so profitably, while innovating rapidly can be both exciting and intimidating. To help the SB community find and articulate evidence that customers are willing to shop for more sustainable options, we have compiled a complimentary report listing 50 compelling customer insights from leading researchers.  
Academic Engagement: How Business & Business Schools Partner to Drive Sustainable Innovation
  Sustainability-focused centers and institutes at top business schools play an important role in training future industry leaders to understand the value of the triple bottom line. They also work closely with the current generation of executives to find innovative opportunities at the convergence of market, social and environmental realities. This complimentary series of feature articles and Q&As looks closely at six different research centers and explains how they partner with industry.  
In Pursuit of a Circular Economy: Market-Leading Product and Service Innovation at DESSO
  Carpet manufacturer DESSO has emerged as a leader in articulating and pursuing circular business models, one of only a handful of major companies to visibly act on such an ambition to date. Since 2008, the company has engaged in focused efforts to divert from linear thinking, in order to implement processes supporting carpet recycling and reuse. It is also designing and sourcing next-generation materials according to Cradle to Cradle® standards, thus aiming to embrace a nascent but promising movement toward a broader circular economy.  
Matter to a Million: How HP Structured and Executed its Partnership with Kiva
  In February 2014 HP launched Matter to a Million, a five-year global partnership with non-profit micro-lending platform Kiva. In the first stage of this novel collaboration, HP provided a $25 credit for every one of its employees to lend to borrowers on Kiva, connecting HP employees with entrepreneurs in a number of countries. By strategically engaging leadership teams throughout the company and relying on friendly competition among employees, Matter to a Million has had phenomenal success in its first six months – more than 115,000 HP employees are already lending over $4.2 million, and counting.  
The New Metrics of Sustainable Business: Top 10 Concepts & Case Studies
  Ahead of New Metrics '14 this September, Sustainable Brands has just released a new collection of some of the most appreciated #NewMetrics conversations from the last 12 months. Enjoy this complimentary download as an opportunity to catch up with leading approaches for assessing environmental and social impacts, factoring in previously ignored costs and risks, and creating new value.  
New Insights on Brand Positioning & Communications in Support of Sustainability Programs
  In this complimentary report, we highlight some of the best examples of our community members communicating win-win value propositions, sharing challenges, and showcasing successes in brand positioning and communucations that deliver solid business results.  
Next Generation Sustainability Targets: Toward Big, Context-Based Goals
  Thought leaders in the field are now talking about next-generation goals, leapfrog goals, end-zone goals, context-based goals, science-based goals, reality-based goals... in a word, goals that catapult past business-as-usual, squarely into the realm of true sustainability or even past that, to regeneration or "net positive" impacts. Enjoy this complimentary download of a series of dialogues on this trend toward true sustainability goals.  
Top 15 Tools & Trends to Reimagining Business Models, Strategy and ROI
  This collection from the Sustainable Brands® community shares leading-edge approaches to making tangible progress on reimagining business models, strategies and ROI projections for sustainability. It is based on some of the cream-of-the-crop thought leadership our platform hosted in 2013.  
Top 12 Consumer Insights
  This complimentary content collection showcases best-in-class consumer engagement studies that reflect how customers positively connect with brands' environmental and social sustainability programs – plus shares potential reasons for disconnect. It's a wealth of hard data and compelling insights by top-notch researchers curated exclusively for the Sustainable Brands community.  
Insights on Sustainability Communications, Brand Strategy and Marketing
  In this complimentary report, we highlight some of the best examples of our community members communicating win-win value propositions, sharing challenges, and showcasing successes in brand marketing innovation that delivers solid business results.  
Learning from Leaders III
  How do you enable a brand to innovate for sustainability and lead the way to a better future? Many in the Sustainable Brands community are asking that question, and some are providing inspiring answers by demonstrating integration of sustainability principles as key drivers of business and brand value, deep into the identities of their organizations. These success stories are raising the bar on what will be expected of tomorrow's brands, and you can join them on this unfolding collective journey by following the collection of summary highlights presented in our Learning from Leaders series.  
Redefining Value: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business
  This white paper provides a recap of key themes and takeaways from the New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference in 2012, in the form of reflections on recent lessons and forthcoming opportunities.  
Learning from Leaders in The Sustainable Brands Community II
  On November 2012, hundreds of thought leaders united in London to address critical questions facing our global society and environment. These leaders focused on what it would look like when brands build from "purpose" at the center of business. They found new ways to collaborate, often with competitors, to learn from the failures – and the successes – of those driving new business value by innovating for sustainability. This collection summarizes some of the key learnings shared by industry leaders at SB London in the United Kingdom.  
10 Key Ideas at the Leading Edge of Innovation for Sustainability
  The SB community convents an impressive spectrum of thought leaders engaged in turning today's environmental and social challenges into opportunity for innovation. Innovators from around the world meet at Sustainable Brands Conferences to generate new ideas, build productive partnerships and learn from the successes – and failures – of those using sustainability to drive new business value.  
Building Sustainable Brand Value
  The global Sustainable Brands Community convents an impressive spectrum of thought leaders engaged in turning today's environmental and social challenges into opportunity for innovation. Community members from around the world meet at Sustainable Brands Conferences to generate new ideas, build productive partnerships and learn from the failures – and the successes – of those driving new business value by innovating for sustainability.  
Surprising Business Value from New Metrics of Sustainability
  Learn how today's forward looking companies are learning to better manage and communicate their efforts and generate Surprising Business Value from New Metrics of Sustainability. This FREE download – prepared by HIP Investor in partnership with Sustainable Brands – will provide insight into the new leading indicators of performance – those focused on solving society's most pressing social and environmental challenges while delivering enhanced business and brand value.  

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