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May 30, 2012      
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  How IT Security Helps Build Brand Value and Support Innovation
Rapid advancements in technology are changing the way companies share knowledge and the efficiency with which new ideas are discovered and brought to market. Crowdsourcing, open innovation and social enterprise technology are just some of the platforms allowing companies to tap into a new and diverse pool of ideas, leverage best practices, and create deeper relationships with their employees and customers.
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  IT Opens the Innovation Process
As part of our May Issue in Focus on "Information Technology as a Platform for Sustainable Innovation," guest editor for the month Bart King interviewed Gina Martino, Manager of Emerging and Disruptive Innovation, Open Innovation Group at Unilever, about the recent launch of the companyís open innovation platform.

  Donít Ignore The Innovation In Front Of You
I admit it. Iím a sucker for big, bold innovation. It gets headlines, and reassures our belief in human ingenuity. A great example is HPís flexible display. I was introduced to this research project at aninnovation conference last year, and was captivated by its promise of potentially eliminating paper.
  Green Auto News: Nissan Tire Pressure Innovation, Toyota Prius Sales Growth, Fisker Karma Deliveries
Nissan is introducing an innovation in its Altima line of sedans that will help owners maintain proper tire inflation. Good tire pressure reduces rolling friction and allows a car to run more efficiently. In addition to increasing fuel costs, under-inflated tires also triple a driver's risk of an accident, according to a recent federal study.
Technology and Human Behavior Come Together: Telematics at UPS
UPSís business is based on our ability to deliver any package to the right place at the right time. We log millions of miles to do soóon the ground, in the air, across the ocean, via rail and even on bike, so itís not surprising that as a global logistics leader, UPS is a carbon-intensive business. However, weíre also a business that helps the world reduce its climate impact.
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