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At BBMG, we believe that sustainability is an innovation imperative, and that winning brands of the 21st century will be sustainable brands. Only BBMG combines innovation protocols with sustainability expertise and brand-building experience to help clients drive growth and positive social impact. Leveraging The Collective, our proprietary community of “sustainable mainstream” consumers, BBMG helps clients forge new markets, discover new products and services, create new solutions and drive real culture change.

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The new buzzword among CEOs, entrepreneurs and ecologists is the idea of resilience: building the values, systems and behaviors within businesses and brands to cope with uncertainty and constant, disruptive change.

From data breaches and hacked emails to information abundance and lightspeed digital evolution, uncertainty abounds...

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On a holiday created to remind us what we are thankful for (which has mostly become an excuse for us to stuff ourselves), many of us would probably rather not think about our country’s problem with food waste. Well, here it is, anyway: The average U.S. family trashes $1,500 worth of edible food each year while one in six Americans struggles...


The average U.S. family trashes $1,500 worth of edible food each year while one in six Americans struggle with food insecurity. How might we change our culture of waste? What is the role for retailers and food manufacturers? Based on a recent study about the values, drivers and food waste rituals of Aspirational consumers, BBMG founding...


Based on a recent study about the purchase drivers and skincare rituals of 300 Aspirational consumers, BBMG founding partner Mitch Baranowski reveals why the future of beauty is not skin deep, outlining key trends and takeaways for better engaging consumers looking for more from their personal care products. Join the discussion and help unpack...


The rise of localism, the DIY movement and collaborative consumption business models are corollaries to the trend BBMG calls reclaimism, part of an emerging ecosystem of products, services and experiences that make it easier to live well and do good. Big brands are taking notice, too, recognizing the trend as a key signifier of...


On January 30th, 2014, Rainforest Alliance hosted a group of innovative specialists in consumer behavior to brainstorm a new global narrative that taps into the consumer shift towards a broader and more meaningful set of values around mindful living and sustainability.

Compelling information on consumer trends were presented by...

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Monday, day one of SB ’14 San Diego, was jam-packed with thought-provoking workshops featuring dozens of experts sharing their latest research and insights on a variety of topics — from multi-sector anti-deforestation efforts to...

A fundamental shift in the marketplace is upon us. Consumer expectations for sustainability are moving from obligation to desire and leading businesses are embracing sustainable brand innovation to reveal new opportunities, drive growth and create positive impact for a more sustainable future. Working with Sears Holdings Corporation, this hands-on...
Health, status and life stage are all powerful motivators. Substantial competitive advantages await those who figure out how to leverage them in leading sustainable behavior change at scale. Join this session for a conversation around translating these conceptual behavior change pathways to practical action. This diverse lineup panel offers...
This session takes a close look at the latest in content marketing, specifically the power of original digital content in communicating sustainability-driven brand values. With a diverse panel featuring a leading-edge brand case study, one of the few most influential NGOs, an entrepreneur partnering with MTV, and an expert film-maker, this session...
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Just because you're doing good work as a social entrepreneur doesn't mean you get to skip on the more commercial parts of running a business. Your good story isn't enough to grab customers and create more impact, you need to build a good brand. Every other month, brand innovation firm BBMG hosts...

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Carlton SolleCarlton Solle grew up in Marin County, surrounded by the beauty of the Bay Area. But it wasn’t until he spent time in Costa Rica that he saw natural beauty contaminated — beaches...

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Jared KochAs part of our ongoing series of conversations with interesting people making the world a better place, BBMG welcomed to our studio Jared Koch, the author and co-founder of...

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One of the most well-known and loved eco-friendly beauty brands out there, Tata Harper has made a mark on the beauty industry with one eye on sustainability and the other on consumer health and wellness. Hailing from her organic farm in Vermont, Harper’s ingredients are all...

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Umicore’s ranking as #1 on the 2013 Global 100 index of most sustainable companies was met with healthy skepticism by social justice advocates and environmental purists. The company’s history as Union Minière du Haut Katanga created devastation that ...

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Research Panel: Untangling the Consumer Attitude/Behavior Gap

Fast Thinking: BBMG for Fast Company

Raphael BemporadOur regular columns for Fast Company’s Co.Exist series explore the intersection between branding, sustainability and innovation.

Consumer Insights: The Collective

Raphael BemporadBBMG is the only brand innovation firm that has decided to move beyond polling “sustainable mainstream” consumers and start actively engaging them in bold new solutions. Dubbed The Collective, our proprietary online community connects consumers with sustainable brands, causes and related experts. Since March 2010, Collective members have shared more than 100,000 insights to help us identify hot-button issues, spot trends, validate concepts and generate bold new marketing campaigns. Learn how you can sponsor an activity with The Collective.

Featured Report: Unleashed

Raphael BemporadSince 2007, BBMG's highly acclaimed national studies have painted a clear picture of the powerful and fast-growing New Consumer segment, some 70 million U.S. consumers aspiring to “purchase with a purpose.” Download our award-winning report, Unleashed: How New Consumers Will Revolutionize Brands and Scale Sustainability, which updates key findings and features ethnographic snapshots from representative consumers, as well as insights from some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands.

Employee Engagement: Green the Team

Raphael BemporadLeading companies recognize that sustainability can be a competitive advantage, but only if it resounds across the entire organization to help reduce costs, improve retention and drive creativity. This webinar, produced with VolunteerMatch, draws from our recent white paper Green the Team to share smart strategies and practical case studies for overcoming some of the most common challenges related to employee-facing CSR programs.

Spotlight on Ecopreneurs: BBMG’s Green Room

Raphael BemporadAn original Web video series, The Green Room engages the green economy’s best thinkers, designers, technologists, business leaders and public figures in one-on-one interviews conducted in our Brooklyn studio. Hosted by BBMG's Mitch Baranowski, each episode features a candid exchange with one guest about the ups and downs of scaling sustainability and driving social innovation. Email us to nominate leaders we should feature in Season 2!

Step Into My Office: WSJ’s Workplace of the Week

Raphael BemporadWe’re grateful that the Wall Street Journal featured us as a “Workplace of the Week.” The slideshow showcases our open floor plan and the environmentally-friendly design elements that have turned this former brewery into an eco-office.

But Wait: Still More White Papers

From the Age of Co-Creativity to Branding for Sustainability, BBMG has been at the forefront of identifying and shaping how to close gaps and embed sustainability in branding and marketing functions to create shared value. Here’s where we keep our latest thinking.