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Ryan Partnership Chicago is a leading expert in promotion, shopper and digital marketing campaigns for emerging and established consumer brands. The company’s creative professionals combine sound, strategic research and business acumen to create meaningful IDEAS that motivate purchase and loyalty among its clients’ products, services and customers.

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Through the above links you’ll find insights from our agency experts around shopper marketing, digital marketing, and current marketing trends that we see impacting your business. Our mission is to deliver the kind of creative thinking, inspired commentary, and thought-provoking observations that will inform and invigorate your marketing potential. 


Featured Research: Styling Sustainability

The general findings in Styling Sustainability reinforce a key conclusion forwarded in our 2011 research white paper–One Green Score for One Earth. Consumers want a clear and objective means of understanding the sustainability impact of their purchases (including their apparel purchases), and will vote with their wallets for those brands and retail outlets that are capable of credibly communicating on this topic.


One Green Score for One Earth

The purpose of this study was not to create a universal sustainability score, but rather to inspire stakeholders to come together to create it and influence what it might look like. Our opinion is that it’s not a matter of if a universal sustainability score or a series of scores/standards will be established, but a matter of when. Thus, we’d like to stimulate the conversation now, so we’re all equipped with the knowledge required to make the score(s) as meaningful as possible.