Kristen Victor

For over 20 years, Kristen Victor designed unique spaces for her clients. Receiving her Bachelor of Science in Biology and having a passionate interest in the environment, Kristen has often reused resources, prizing the quality of color, pattern and texture of the natural world. Kristen’s post-graduate studies include The Art Institute of Chicago, Professional Program. These studies combined with her hands on experience have enhanced her knowledge and ability to collaborate with others in the sustainable world.
Kristen received LEED Accredited Professional certification from the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and has solely worked in the sustainable building industry since 2006 with sustainable project experiences receiving LEED Gold, Silver and Platinum Certifications.
In 2010, Kristen founded Sustainability Matters, Inc. Sustainability Matters is a trusted source for sustainable building technologies and materials, providing cost effective access to vetted products and practices, promoting transparency and knowledge within the building industry.
At Sustainability Matters, we are leaders in ethical sourcing, sales and marketing of cost effective sustainable strategies, technologies, materials and innovations to our clients, reducing the overall environmental impact and supporting US manufacturing.
Kristen has been involved in the research and development of two sustainable materials, both taken to market to date. She is passionate about analyzing the sustainable technology and materials market and working collaboratively with research laboratories and manufacturers on product development using waste material, reducing energy, water and material use. Kristen strongly advocates for support of US innovation, execution and manufacturing in both our local and domestic markets.
Kristen is an avid writer, creating monthly newsletters, weekly blog posts and regularly contributes to Linked In group conversations and postings advocating for sustainable strategies and solutions within the US market.

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